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Quotidian Acumen 2002

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daily epigrams that capture the essence of the times

Quotidian Acumen 2004


Raphael paints wisdom; Handel sings it, Phidias carves it, Shakespeare writes it, Wren builds it, Columbus sails it, Luther preaches it, Washington arms it, Watt mechanizes it. 
  Ralph Waldo Emerson


May - July 2002 

A torch is suppose to light the dark, not to blind the foolish. - 7/31

Judges decide on their own interests and often are blind to JUSTICE. - 7/30

Miracles do happen, just ask a miner. - 7/29

Media reporters have a double standard, one for the conservative and non for themselves. - 7/28 

Family time is quality time, summer is the season for bonding. - 7/27

Justice is gauged by how we treat the worst of criminals, while we await the verdict of the jury. - 7/26 

Congress expels the best, while excretes their own worst discharge. - 7/25

What a difference a little accountability will make to the markets. When will it come to government? - 7/24

Ideology differences are important so that you know your friends from those who that want you to accept their beliefs. - 7/23 

The benefits of an interdependent economy is that there is no place to hide when the bottom falls out of the illusion. - 7/22

Greed is understandable but stupidity is a condition of refusal to learn. - 7/21

Sharpely falling markets brings hugh gains to the short sellers. - 7/20

Liberal Media flee from facts because the reality is one program that never makes the cut. - 7/19

Investigations seldom target the guilty or reveal the extent and scope of their crimes. - 7/18

Changes often seem risky, while progress requires the ability to balance that risk. - 7/17 

International policy become foreign when domestic issues consume the public. - 7/16

The value of Money is determined by its purchasing power. - 7/15 

The media distorts the the report so that you will remain confused. - 7/14

DemocRAT'S know only one style of politics; lies, fear and more lies. - 7/13

Politicians never change their stripes, just like tigers never loses their stench. - 7/12

When the herd stampedes the exit door becomes very small. - 7/11

Your money may be lost, but your character will remain. - 7/10

Commerce controlled by government is like having the fox in the hen house making eggs from omlettes. - 7/9

Markets tank, stocks implode and people wonder why fantasy is not reality. - 7/8

The News only reinforce that which we fear is true. - 7/7

The lazy days of summer does not mean the shut down of your brain. - 7/6

The best cure for a hangover is to drink milk the day before. - 7/5

The birthday of a country commemorates its nations purpose, her people are the reason for that purpose. - 7/4

Denial and false trust is a disease that spreads like a plague, and its cure requires the courage to face facts and accept them. - 7/3

Everyone has an opinion, few have anything worth saying and even less worth reading. - 7/2

Holiday's ignore the true reasons for celebration, tragedy makes you remember. - 7/1

Meaningful change seldom happens because most citizens don't want it. They only demand more, taken from someone else. - 6/30

The health of any politician seldom reflects the well being of the nation. - 6/29

The voucher brings needed competition back to education. - 6/28

Allegiance is your right to express, those who gage loyalty in different ways, need not prevent others from taking the pledge. - 6/27

Corporate honesty is often reflected in their share price. - 6/26 

Economics efferts everyone, but few have the abilitity to understand who controls their own money. - 6/25

Courage in a politician is seldom found, most citizens show it even less frequently. - 6/24 

Health care from government dictates is like undergoing the cure by bleeding. - 6/23

Happiness is a goal most seek and few have the wisdom to know when they found it. - 6/22

When the value of our money collapses, we discover its worth was only an illusion. - 6/21  

Real conservatives are proactive and defend principles, while NeoCons are fakes - working against those principles. - 6/20

Time is a most precious asset, which most squander without a second thought. - 6/19

Disagreement is normal and need not be threatening, unless you are insecure in your own beliefs. - 6/18

If you are sincere about wanting solutions, you better face up to the nature of the problems. - 6/17

The older you grow, the more your know that father was right. - 6/16

Public service is never a duty for all citizens. It is a choice! - 6/15 

The flag you wave needs to be the Betty Ross thirteen stars version. - 6/14 

When voting is a rigged process, the citizen must select 'none of the above'. - 6/13

When the decision is posed - you are with us or against us - choose neither. - 6/12

News needs to be judged by the degree of disinformation it contains. - 6/11

The news you trust should challenge the world view of the editor. - 6/10

If you delegate your security to politicians, you will live a very insecure life. - 6/9

Know who are your friends and learn of those who are enemies, then but them on notice. - 6/8

Homeland Security is not achieved when government agencies are engrossed in protecting themselves as their mission. - 6/7

When others act irresponsibility, you need to maintain your own integrity. - 6/6

When in doubt - do that which you know is right. - 6/5

Communicate with those your respect and ignore those you don't. - 6/4

Believing the news is like viewing the world through the looking glass of Alice. - 6/3

True security is enhanced when one learns to avoid putting you nose in places that might hamper your breathing. - 6/2

Time is an asset that is irreplaceable - the world is rapidly running out of its share - 6/1

Trust me - I'm from the government and here to help you - 5/31

The civil liberties you loose are the one you surrender willingly. - 5/30

The rush to surrender rights is only out paced by the eagerness of the State to strip them from you. - 5/29

Knowing who is a friend requires judgment, becoming one to another demands virtue. - 5/28

Memorials that governments celebrate, often forget the real reasons why citizens serve. - 5/27

Reflect on what you mean before you say it - it will follow you around for a long time - 5/26

Only the fool refuses to face their own mistakes - 5/25

Sincerity in debate demands that you answer the question - 5/24

SARTRE urges his readers to defend Free Speech and established access to the public. 'TC' proponents seek to impose a party line on debate. - 5/23


The great proof of madness is the disproportion of one's designs to one's means.
 Napoleon Bonaparte



Truth can never be told so as to be understood, and not be believed.
William Blake


August - October 2002

If you risk losing at the polls, send out your lawyers to challenge the results in court. - 10/31

Newest trend, a political rally at a funeral. - 10/30

Who kills the most people? Answer: the government, just ask a Russian. - 10/29

15,980 murders in the U.S. last year - so where is the outcry for all of them? - 10/28

Mondale a proven Socialist to replace a Commie. - 10/27

Politicians taking credit for stopping crime is like the fox smiling at the chickens. - 10/26

RAT'S should not fly - No Lautenberg's need apply! - 10/25

Celebrate U.N. Day - move them out of America! - 10/24

Record military increases can be averted by renouncing the empire. - 10/23

Only the media can turn a useful element - the airwaves - into a useless distraction. - 10/22 

How easy it is to shut down normal activities, only takes one person! - 10/21

Vote for the best man, elect none of the above. - 10/20

Resist contrived fear and concentrate on the real thing. - 10/19

Foreign enemies are often created by domestic policy makers. - 10/18

Politicians who advocate gun control are the real terrorists. - 10/17

Packing an election with ringers is a standard ploy of DemocRATS. - 10/16

Any doubts that going out in public has risks? Protection rest with ourselves. - 10/15

How easy it is to disrupt the false security of a society, when the politicians seek advantage through fear. 10/14 

Media reporting features the blood - if it bleeds it leads. - 10/13  

Plans for imposing an occupation government in Iraq shows the nature of Empire. - 10/12

When decisions are based upon polls, they are usually wrong. - 10/11

How many more Senate candidates will leave the race before the election? - 10/10

Government grows more intrusive with every public scare. - 10/9 

Who really benefits from domestic acts of terror? - 10/8

With enough practice, Democrats start to believe their own lies. - 10/7

The national past time in not baseball or even football, it is self delusion. - 10/6

Upgrades to computers usually cause more problems than solutions. - 10/5

When the legislature passes a law that is clear and to the point, the protectors of the political elites must hurry to correct their own mistakes. - 10/04

Judges view their power as self-righteous authority, as they issue rulings that serve only their own vested interests. - 10/3

Politicians repect the law just as much as they do their constiturnts, little or none. - 10/2

The torch of Democratic politics has dimmed so low that only the blind will claim that any light exists among their 'pols' and ranks of true believers. - 10/1

You can always depend upon the media to abuse the meaning of an event and to distort the facts that make it significant. - 9/3

Election campaigns seldom speak the truth, but does much to reveal the character of the candidates. - 9/2

Foreign Policy has a duty to serve our own People, our own Nation and not interests that work against America. - 9/1

The end of summer comes all too soon, but each season bring the promise of a new beginning. - 8/31

Baseball is a disgrace and to call it a sport insults the fans who know the working of a State favored monopoly. - 8/30

Federal deficits are over the top, but when were they really ever reduced? - 8/29

When allies abandon their friends, the friend may just be wrong. - 8/28

Cover up of past presidential pardons serves to protect the crooks that will occupy the office. - 8/27

Political dynasties serve the interests of the families, not the people they claim to represent. - 8/26

Proven technology should be kept, and not discarded in the name of progress. - 8/20

Agreements are only as good as the integrity of the people who make them. - 8/19

An aggressive foreign policy in the name of defense creates more enemies and provides less security. - 8/18

Leisure time often has geat value, especially when the bureaucrat that a vacation from his normal work. - 8/17

While exposing the rot in society, some political reformers make conditions worse. - 8/16

The price for telling the truth is constant harassment. - 8/15

Much abuse is done in the name of helping children, maybe they should be left to grow up without all the help. - 8/14

Milestones in life are seldom celebrated, while birthdays and anniversaries get the attention. - 8/13

Economic conferences held by politicians usually result in bigger government. - 8/12

Professional sports reflect the condition within the society - let's all go on strike! - 8/11

Democrats love to preach when they fail miserably to practice the sermon. - 8/10

The man who played Moses was not acting, he too is a great man. - 8/9

Just look at all the hawks that want to go to war and examine their loyalty to America? - 8/8

Computer problems makes one question the meaning of progress. - 8/7

Wonder the loyalty of the authors of the Rand Report? Should be clear who they serve. - 8/6

Every person has the same natural rights; yes the unborn is a person. - 8/5

People go to war on the word and lies of leaders. - 8/4

Politicians go hand and hand with golf, too bad they don't make it their full time profession. - 8/3

Insulting your own people while pandering to the prejudice of foreign deceivers is obscene. - 8/2

The media takes joy in the sorrow of others, while they inflicts a good share of it at their own hands. - 8/1 


Moderation in temper is always a virtue, but moderation in principle is always a vice.
 Thomas Paine




The most radical revolutionary will become a conservative the day after the revolution.
Hannah Arendt


November - December 2002

2002 worst year ever - until you see what will come in 2003. - 12/31

Double standards - one harsh for Iraq and wait and see for N Korea. - 12/30

Can you image a world were political leaders continue to clone themselves? - 12/29

U.S. troops ready to depart to fight the war for greater Israel. - 12/28

One indeed must be Brave, to live in this New World. - 12/27

No one can have nukes except the empire, glad imperialism is dead! - 12/26

A day for gifts but few sincere enough for the One who makes all things possible. - 12/25

Normal business ceases on holidays, while the efforts of the enslavers continue. - 12/24

The DC Christmas tree must now be called 'Holiday' tree, long ago its meaning was forgotten. - 12/23

The season of discontent has started and it's name is not winter. - 12/22

CNN poll has the wicked witch at 30% with Kerry at 13%. Any one ready to give odds? - 12/21

Frist a Pro-Choice Doctor, hardly a defender of the conservative cause. - 12/20

Material breach has the trigger set to pull, who is surprised that it wasn't always planned this way? - 12/19

The dollar sinks, another bankruptcy and the debt keeps rising - merry christmas. - 12/18

How the media loves a wounded 'pol', especially when he gravels and sucks up. - 12/17 

Gore the bore is gone. But don't fear many more whores have the lore to rush through the core door - NONE offer any curse for all the sores. - 12/16 

More crying, whining  and moaning but never any real leadership. - 12/15

Bush appoints another "skull and bone" to high office - and some still deny the existence of the NWO. - 12/14

The War Criminal Henry Kissinger  resigns - proof that this fight must be fought. - 12/13

Not just a double standard, Lott roasting is the latest diversion the media lives to cookup. - 12/12

An intelligence Czar? More like a director of a police state. - 12/11

Political vultures love to dine on the carcass of foes before they have died. - 12/10

Trent Lott has the right of Free Speech too - or must is it all pass a 'PC' filter? - 12/9

How the media loves a DemocRAT victory and gloats when the RepubliCANT'S can't. - 12/8

Arrogant California court attempt to revoke the Second Amendment - wake up America. - 12/7

Another lesson, Paul O'Neill - a man who refused to spread lies and push false economic policies - no chance to reform a corrupt system. - 12/6

Plane crashing into a Federal Reserve Bank. Accident or intentional - who is the true Terrorist! - 12/5

Taking government vaccines is a much greater risk than Smallpox threats. - 12/4

Slick Willie claiming DemocRATS don't demonize is like saying he didn't engage Monica. - 12/3

Australia endorses the use of pre-emptive strikes under the excurse of fighting terrorism. - 12/2

Another DemocRAT fraud John F. Kerry running for a job that is well above his pay grade. - 12/1

Happiness resides in the home. - 11/30 

Travel away from home has risks for everyone, no surprise the airlines suffer. - 11/29

Add George Mitchell as co-chair and you have two of the world's best liars, the final report already written. - 11/28

Architect for the WAR Party, Henry Kissinger guarantees a cover-up for 911 investigation. - 11/27 

Reinsurance guarantees by government is just one more obligation that will never be met. - 11/26

Czar Bush has created the internal dissenter police and with it killed the Republic. - 11/25

State budgets under pressure, taxes rates ready to soar - so must for small government. - 11/24

One more guarantee to protect another foreign country, just keeps the never ending oversea garrisons expanding. - 11/23

Wonder how much money will be paid to get Russia onboard for the coming war? - 11/22

NATO no longer has a purpose, inventing one just to expand its reach protects no one. - 11/21

Puff Daschle is bizarre and the poster boy for the deranged - Democrats whiners and jokers. - 11/20 

A vote for Homeland Security is a deed of a traitor. - 11/19

The business of the courts destroys Liberty as certain as price rises with zero reported inflation! - 11/18 

The leader of the DemocRATS have a new face and several lifts to improve the image. - 11/17

Is the bear market over or on the brink of total breakdown? - 11/16

Homeland Security = Domestic Terror. - 11/15

No one can expose a female fraud better that a lady heroine. - 11/14

We can always enjoy the whining of emotional fools, who want you to believe they area the victims. - 11/13 

With elections over, what will we do for entertainment? - 11/12

Veterans have a responsibility to defend the country by standing down during unnecessary wars. - 11/11

Getting along with the political opposition is like sleeping with the devil. - 11/10

If the U.N. says it's OK, you know it must be wrong. - 11/9

What did the U.S. have to pay to get all those UN votes? - 11/8

Incumbents clean up as always, and you wonder why policies never change and keep getting worse. - 11/7

Now it's up to the RepubliCANT'S to restore the Republic. - 11/6

DemocRATS are now squalling like pigs with a spin that only a fool would believe. - 11/5

Jesse Ventura, send a real message to both branches of the clone party. - 11/4

Courage to stay in the race means that money was well spent. - 11/3

Distrust the polls, retire the incumbent and vote for third party candidates. - 11/2

The media protects their 'favorite son' candidates and condemns those that the people need to support. - 11/1


A man that seeks truth and loves it must be reckoned precious to any human society.


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