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then why do you behave as if your do?

Freedom of the Press is limited to those who own one.

- H.L. Menchen

The BREAKING ALL THE RULES Doctrine in a Rare Interview


James Hall - Hour 1 - Breaking All the Rules: Totalitarian Collectivism - January 10, 2014

Sartre is the pen name of James Hall, a reformed, former political operative. Educated in the Liberal Arts with formal instruction in History, Philosophy and Political Science, has served as training for activism, on the staff of several politicians and in many campaigns. He has written columns for many popular political websites, including his own called Breaking All The Rules, which he describes as "genuine paleo conservative populism you can trust." In the first hour, we'll discuss the loss of civil liberties as we live under new feudalism. James also discusses the human condition and how natural law is no longer being adhered to. Government destroys natural rights and denies humanity's inherent autonomy and sovereignty. We'll also talk about the Articles of Confederation and the Declaration of Independence, which James says is the greatest document in America. Then, James talks about the legal system and how lawyers do not understand or support the US constitution. In the second hour, we begin discussing the issue of unpaid debt, which is a fundamental issue the elitists use to keep the current scheme going. Hall talks about how unreasonable situations continue to get worse intentionally. We'll also talk about collectivism, egalitarianism as a religion and political correctness. Later, we talk about what we can do to stop this current system and the effectiveness of civil disobedience.

James Hall Interview on the Sunday Wire With Patrick Henningsen
Start the radio interview at the 133 mark 



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Does the American Flag Symbolize Freedom or Racism?

Transcript of "The Edge with Paula Zahn"
Featuring David Horowitz and Julianne Malveaux

Fox News Network / June 15, 2001


Whoever controls the media--the images--controls the culture.

- Allen Ginsberg



Media Bias

Studies Show Dan Rather's Leftist Bias

Catty Katie Slams NYT's Errors, Forgets Own Colossal On-Air Goof

TV Wars: the affiliates strike back by Brent Bozell


Book reveals how close we came
to losing WWII
Sunday, December 26, 1999 SF Examiner

Matthews, being a devoted Anglophile and a lover of a centralized government, is a great example of a misguided and ignorant reader of history. Did we really win WWII? I submit that America was the great loser!

Only those who adore FDR and the centralized federal government that he wrought, would accept this inaccurate assessment of history. Was America a 'Socialist' country before FDR? Did the US have a significant national debit before FDR? Did the federal government regulate ever facet of America life before FDR? Was American foreign policy that of an empire prior to FDR? And was it not FDR's appointments that allowed for the courts to become the destroyer of the Constitution? The answers to all, are a resounding YES.

The America pre WWII and post WWII are two totally different countries. FDR was just as much a Totalitarian as Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini and any Japanese military elite. But Churchill (who Matthew's believes should be the man of the century), is the most deceptive of them all. For he created the alliance with Stalin (evil incarnate), suckered the US into the European conflict, refused to provide intelligence intercepts of the Pearl Harbor attack, declared war on Germany over England's alliance with Poland (with the knowledge that Poland would never be defended) and destroyed what was left of the independence of the English nation as a major power.

Communism was the great benefactor of WWII. This most hideous of central control systems, was the legacy of the post WWII era; fifty years of a Cold War nuclear terror, killings and despair for millions.

America would never be the same, and it is highly unlikely that we will be able to regain our national soul. If you are unable to understand this circumstance of history, you will not be able to know who your 'real' enemies are. That is the value of Pat Buchanan's book. The choice is very simple. Do you want a Republic or an Empire? Do you want an America that allows for individual's to rule themselves or are you willing to give your allegiance to a central government that claims ever bite of power as any of the Totalitarian regime's of the 30's. Just because you live in material comfort and seem to be secure in your daily lives, doesn't mean that your central government will not demand compliance to ever more restrictions on your Liberty. Is that what you want for America? Is that what a American really is? Is that the kind of country that all the brave men, who fought all these wars, bleed and died for? I think not.

The wars of this twenty century were all misguided, tragic and destructive to this country. Our current plight can most certainly be traced to this systematic perversion of our principles. Reread Washington's Farewell Address. It says it all! When will this country ever learn? At least you have an opportunity to rethink this issue. The evidence is available, if you will consider the review. What will be your choice? To remain the prisoner of your 'politically correct' society, or will you allow yourself to be set free?




A 'Strappado Wrack' article by SARTRE


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"Well, all I know is what I read in the papers." 

Will Rogers


Democracy is also a form of worship. It is the worship of Jackals by Jackasses.

Demagogue: One who preaches doctrines he knows to be untrue to men he knows to be idiots.

A newspaper is a device for making the ignorant more ignorant and the crazy crazier.

Every decent man is ashamed of the government he lives under.

The cosmos is a gigantic flywheel making 10,000 revolutions per minute. Man is a sick fly taking a dizzy ride on it.

- H.L Menchen


SARTRE articles 

A Rush of Ditto's

Media Inducted into the Military

Talk Radio has Mellowed

Summer Disturbed by Media Ratings Wars

The Media Inevitably Begins in Earnest


Half the American population no longer reads newspapers: plainly, they are the clever half. 

Gore Vidal


Medium or the Message ?

The New York Times' Love Affair with Communism by Ronald Radosh

The Hippiecrits and the Press Corps by Eileen M. Ciesla

The NY Times Paper of Record's Memory Hole by Joseph Sobran

D.C. press galleries' history of corruption by Les Kinsolving

Propaganda in a Democratic Society by Aldous Huxley

Once upon a time The Wizard of Oz, was a populist fable, by Peter Dreier

On Propaganda in America by FRANCIS PARKER YOCKEY

A Balancing Activist: Satire, Short and Sweet by Eric Jay

In the freest press on earth, humanity is reported in terms of its usefulness to US power by John Pilger

Facing the Truth about AIDS

BRIT HUME: This year is the 20th anniversary of the onset of the AIDS epidemic, and it comes amid disturbing evidence that the epidemic is now worsening. This despite the major expenditure of public money on research on the disease and a vast public awareness campaign that made those little AIDS ribbons the fixture on lapels at countless events. But there is a view that these very campaigns have not only failed to stem the disease, but actually contributed to its spread. And one who strongly holds that view is David Horowitz, the onetime leftist radical who is now President of the conservative Center for the Study of Popular Culture. Welcome sir.

David Horowitz's Guest Appearance on Fox News

Special Report with Brit Hume

Visit the Political GRAPEVINE


There is no worse lie than a truth misunderstood by those who hear it.

- William James


The Internet and the Death of the News Monopoly

by J. Orlin Grabbe

When the goldsmith Johnann Gutenberg and his financial partner Johann Fust established their printing shop at Mainz around 1448 A.D., one of their first projects was the publication of St. Jerome's translation of the Vulgate Bible. Then a scientific work, Pliny's Natural History, was printed in Venice in 1469, and by 1500 there were 40,000 book editions on many subjects, each running to 200 or 300 copies, for a total of about ten million books in Europe.

The printing revolution had massive social impact. Firstly, the Church had always taken the view that it was the sole interpreter of holy scripture. Hence it did not hold popular translations of the Bible in high regard. After all, if everyone could read scripture, they would begin forming their own biblical interpretations, and asking their own questions about the contrast between Church practice and Western Christianity's supposed intellectual foundations. The Church's interpretive filter, or editorial process, would be undermined. And the Church's fears were well - founded. One example is Erasmus of Rotterdam's Praise of Folly which appeared in 1511. He satirized the Church, among other institutions, and then in 1516 published a translation of the Greek text of the New Testament. The public became aware of a number of short-comings in basic ecclesiastical writings, because they had direct access to the materials on which those writings were based.

Moreover, the Gutenberg revolution brought about a democratization in book ownership. Books were no longer the sole province of the rich. Reading was no longer a skill whose value was limited to those with access to the manuscript library of the Church or that of the local Prince. There was no guarantee, of course, that popular tastes would run in academically or ecclesiastically approved channels--to texts like Pliny's Natural History or Jerome's Bible. The early 1500s saw a slew of romances of chivalry, such as Amadis de Gaul by Garci Ordonez de Montalvo. But neither were these works without consequence: Visions of adventure drove the conquistadors on their knight's errands to look for El Dorado and the Amazons. "California" is the name of an island in Sergas de Esplandian, a book sequel to Amadis de Gaul. The New World is littered with names from the literature of chivalry.

A democratic revolution similar to Gutenberg's is taking place today in the transmission and presentation of news. The Internet, in general, and the published pages of the World-Wide Web, in particular, undermine the authority of the priestly caste of editors presiding over the New York Times. The Internet's information transmission mechanisms bypass and make a mockery of the highly selective news filters imposed at CNN. Original news, research, and opinion--both the good and the bad--often goes from producer to consumer unadulterated. On the Internet one can construct one's own daily newspaper by linking to a selection of web pages, subscribing to chosen mailing lists, and accessing preferred newsgroups. One can also compete with the established media on specialized topics by publishing ones own web page.

Traditional media senses the competition, and would like to eliminate it if it could. But such is no longer possible. The Church had been able to kill the heretics called Albigensians, and to put a temporary stop to that nonsense. But because of the revolution in publishing, it was never able to stamp out the heresy of Lutheranism of people who read the source materials, made their own interpretation, and agreed with Luther. (Never mind if Luther was right or wrong.) Similarly, the New York Times would like to kill all the heretics it calls "conspiracy theorists," but this is not possible. So it is relegated to preaching to the choir, and intoning sadly to any portion of its audience actually paying attention-- shaking its head at the devil worshipers
who live somewhere south of Fourteenth Street or west of Riverside Drive. But this cannot change the fact that it is no longer required that one kiss the ring of Abe Rosenthal or his successors in order to be heard.

Of course, with democratization and freedom comes responsibility and uncertainty. The road to heaven is no longer a confident matter of following someone else's instruction. Truth relies upon the reader's discrimination. The burden is shifted from the editor-priest-intermediator and transferred to the news consumer-layperson. There was no guarantee that someone who was not a Greek scholar might not read in the New Testament about the miracle at Cana, and interpret the Greek word oinos as "grape juice". That is, they might say, Jesus didn't turn water into wine; he turned water into grape juice. There is no necessary guarantee of truth under democracy, any more than there is hope of truth under tyranny.

So on the Internet you may have non-pilots and non-engineers discussing the downing of TWA 800. You have auto mechanics asking questions about the Federal Reserve, and housewives concerned with cryptology policy and other privacy issues. There are non-journalism majors writing their own newsletters, and non-forensic experts meticulously combing the evidence relating to the death of Vince Foster. So what? While there is no guarantee the truth will necessarily emerge in this process, there is a greater probability that some of the truth will emerge some of the time than when the editors of the New York Times, sure of their pipeline to heaven, present us with the sanctified Fiske report, and declare it a revelation of God, or good government, or whatever.

Walter Lippmann said that the only way an editor could deal with the day's deluge of information was to hold pre - existing mental categories called "stereotypes," and to file away each event accordingly. Much of the traditional media has divided the ebb and flow of daily events into some equivalent of the ancient Greek separation of the material world into the four elements of earth, air, fire, and water. But the Internet has potentially fragmented Lippmann's limited stereotypes into 20 million diverse web pages.

The World-Wide Web has not yet evolved into a Periodic Table of Elements, where news is concerned. But it has that potential. And that's why it's important.

Who Owns What

Media Concentration

Media Ownership

Before It's News | People Powered News

BATR email to Bret Baier at Special Report on Fox News Network 1/12/16

Subject: Fox News NeoCons destroys all credibility

David Gregory appearing on your program is the last straw. Special Report discussions are unwatchable. I sent out a survey to my conservative newsletter reader and asked what TV media you distrust. Fox News tied with CNN as the most untruthful worth.

You lost a viewer. The Newspeak and propaganda for the RINO establishment is an insult.

James Hall

Publisher of BATR http://batr.org


Mr. Baier’s response


Which left leaning or liberal panelists do you prefer?   We need balance…  Juan?  Mara?  Chuck Lane?  Who? 




 BATR reply back to Mr. Baier




Try none of the above. If you want balance you should be featuring Pat Buchanan who is a genuine conservative verse the apologists for the corporatist establishment Fox News bills as “so called” conservative. Your business network took off the air the best program ever presented on television, Freedom Watch with Judge Napolitano. http://freedomwatchonfox.com/


Now if you want to “balance” your discussion with a true liberal, why not make Ralph Nader a regular on your panel? The last time I had lunch with Ralph, he proved clearly he can make his case for the loony left.


If Roger Ailes truly wanted to be “fair and balance” he would program a Buchanan/Nader face off in the tradition of Buckley/Vidal.  Read the essay, The Political Significance of Gore Vidal http://batr.org/solitary/080512.html


Face reality, Fox puts forth fake pseudo conservatives.


Respectfully, a seasoned political observer knows that RT Russia Today provides more objective reporting than any of your Psycho-Babble that appears out of an establishment water carrier like George Will. Charles Krauthammer is an Israel First NeoCon who would more at home working for the Mossad or in the IDF.


The fundamental point is that Fox News has lost the confidence of knowledgeable Americans. Maybe you should bring back Wayne Simmons and give him his own show.


I challenge Fox News to be honest. If “Fair and Balance” is the objective, invite Wayne Madsen to be on your panel. http://www.waynemadsenreport.com/




James Hall 

Human nature is not to be coerced but persuaded and we shall persuade her by satisfying the necessary desires if they are not going to be injurious but, if they are going to injure, by relentlessly banning them.
- Epicurus


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