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Who Sank the Economy?

Opportunity galore is the pitch that you will begin to hear from the talking heads. The bottom of the stock market has been reached, this is the buying chance of a lifetime. Well, anyone who has ever been asked to make financial forecasts and was foolish enough to make any, will know how wrong they can be. Prophecy is left for prophets, ordained from on high. Mere mortals know their own mortality, or should. But that won't stop the financial gurus going on about how smart they were to get out before the carnage in world equities. Implying that their projections need to be heeded, could be as dangerous as having all your funds in WorldCom.

When hysteria spreads, it is time to rely on your own common sense. EVERYONE is getting hurt. Even those who own no stock have indirect ties to the markets. Recent gains in bonds may seem to be on the bright side, but many of us have been there before. Relief can be short lived as interest rates can spike in opposite directions and the value of your money can evaporate when currency exchanges diminish its worth.

Usually in times like these, prosperity is relegated to the memory hole of a past life. Apprehension can easily turn into out right fear. As we attempt to restore a small degree of sanity to a crazed financial environment, people should keep in mind that survival is your first priority. Misery loves company and taking solace in the security of your own retirement plans may give pause, if not panic. The prudent person will seek the one course that has proven merit. Get out of all debt! This goal may be too late for most, but the benefit from elimination of onerous obligations is at the core of peace of mind. Financial instruments that were acquired to provide annuity refuge may well be a phantom protector.

The small businessman understands that his well being relies upon the future viability of commercial transactions. There are no phony stock options or golden parachutes that will bail them out of their mistakes or a naughty economy. Pain is now, the order of the day. But will it be shared equally? Think about the most hideous inequality in the entire system of collectivist tyranny. This disparity did not come from unequal opportunity nor is it sustained with titanic efforts. It is systemic in the very character of the beast - some call society. But is it the natural state of the organism? Or is it bogus, while it attempts to pass as legitimate?

Government pensions are guaranteed with the full weight and coercive power of the State. Forget about the venture vehicles where these plans invest the funds. Ignore the details in the law that may absolve specific local or state jurisdictions from responsibilities. Just consider the political consequences if the government reneges on the retirement assurances to their former toady servants. We all know this class of parasites never produced any wealth, but do you ever consider that their thievery from the citizens multiplies when they leave the 'service of the public'? They are replaced with a new generation of leeches, while the faithful lackey reaps the spoils from years of deceit.

The quest to acquire a government pension is the holy grail for any bloodsucker who doesn't have the courage to hold up a bank. Stealing is a way of life for the stooges who envision themselves as 'the privileged', within a system of entitlements. Government is not built upon laws, equally administered. It operates upon the threat and use of force.

When you look at your own net worth, you can be assured that the retired civil servant will be basking on the sands of their winter retreat - as your taxes increase to pay for their extended life expectancy.

If the remains of the productive American economy repels from focusing upon the real causes of economic demise, the future for a meaningful recovery is immaterial. We should all take notice that trashing business requires elevation of government. Business, fairly practiced, is not the problem. The "Corporate Culture" and its unholy alliance with regulatory government was the source of the illusory bubble. Why should only the generals and their troops receive separation compensation, when they waged a false war and never sought victory for their true masters; namely, the civilians?

Losing the significant worth of your nest egg is serious. It seems that for many, knowing and facing up to the reality of the true cause for the drop, is more unpleasant than losing half you net worth. People are desperate for solutions. Now you have one staring right into your eyes. You want real reform? Then stop the reward payments to the perpetrators who followed orders and robbed you of your birthright and placed you in servitude.

Are you willing to confront where your money really went? Your own bills keep coming in the mail, but you didn't betray your neighbor - you don't get a check. Your allotment is to pass go and if your refuse to pay - you go directly to jail. Herculean efforts are not required to bring this corrupt fraud to an end. But it will require undaunted political pressure to bring the same suffering that afflicts your finances and share that pain with the agents of civil disservice.

One may be debt free in his own finances, but none of us are deficit exempt from government demands and claims on our well being. While many in the business world reveal their insolvency, why don't we all demand the real solution. The bankruptcy for the State itself. As our money approaches worthlessness, just why are we still willing to pay any kind of tax? I thought the innkeeper of last resort is the government. Surely they have a debtors prison reservation saved, just for you! So when will the government pensioner get their well earn dividend, in the penitentiary they built and where we are all serving time?



Free Trade Area of the Americas

Are you ready for the next trade agreement? Before denouncing all those anarchists for disrupting the peaceful tranquillity of a Miami afternoon, think about all those additional benefits from an entire Western Hemisphere expansion of NAFTA. Go directly to the latest November 21, 2003, third draft of FTAA agreement for proof that America will be restricted from enacting protective measures to stem the hemorrhage of the trade deficit.

Article 5. Tariff Elimination Program

5.1. Except as otherwise provided in this Agreement, no Party may increase any existing customs duty, or adopt any new customs duty, on an originating good at a level higher than that specified in the Party’s commitments pursuant to the Tariff Elimination Program.

5.2. Except as otherwise provided in this Agreement, each Party shall eliminate its customs duties on originating goods, in accordance with the terms established in Annex XX (Tariff Elimination Program).

5.3. [The Tariff Elimination Program shall not be applied to goods that receive export subsidies] [, except those permitted in conformity with rights and obligations of the WTO.]

Are you ready for a dramatic increase in outflow of wealth from the United States to the rest of the Americas? Yep, that’s what you get under the Free Trade deception. Remember all those promises that exports to Mexico would raise the standard of living on both sides of the borders? Well, you should already know this sad record. So why do we, the American public, need another sell out trade agreement?

Obviously the masters of the supra global corporate/state want to increase their strangle hold on international commerce. Still have doubts, try this one on for size:

Inter-governmental agreements

7.6.The provisions in this Chapter will not apply to inter-governmental agreements signed or to be signed by the Parties. A clear exemption for government monopolies! More to the point: [Article 9. Market Regulatory Policies and Measures, [Legal][Designated] Monopolies, State Enterprises]


9.2. No provision of this Agreement shall be construed to prevent a Party from maintaining or designating a monopoly.

State enterprises

9.6. Nothing in this Agreement shall be construed to prevent a Party from maintaining or establishing a state enterprise, according to its national or subregional legislation.

So it’s OK to have, maintain or create a monopoly if it is approved and it is appropriate for governments to engage in state enterprises for profit. Sounds like the free aspect of trade has a privileged status and the economy for the public has a socialism that only profits the STATE.

But don’t be too concerned about these conclusions. The prime objective is to maintain order and those demonstrators in Miami are out to disrupt the progress of a unified economy for the New World! So when “Eight legal observers sent to monitor Miami police during trade protests were arrested, and four were beaten by officers”, why should you care? Surely, you can’t have a Seattle rampage in every city that holds a trade meeting, so say the defenders of the corporate model that ensures the economic domination of government regulation.

The silence from the mainstream press is always directed away from addressing what economic policies will benefit the average American taxpayer. The coverage is always directed at the agitators who are opposed to capitalism. And you can always count on the spin that sells the false notion that the version of business that directs the global economy is representative of free enterprise. Contrary to such bull . . . the distorted vestiges of capitalism have already been destroyed and substituted with a telluric economy of, for, and by the plutocracy.

The alternative is certainly not a fanciful redistribution from the wealthy to the underprivileged. Only naive fools would place their faith in a government solution to create prosperity. Proponents of benevolence, expropriated from the productive are economic midgets. However, the masters of the universe that advance global regimentation, as the control of all the means of production is consolidated among their own kind; are antagonists of all mankind.

Since the civil liberties of a free society are being sold at discount, don’t expect that there will be a holiday rush to stock up on tolerance. Both the affluence of Americans and the freedoms from government intervention will be diminished with an expansion of trade agreements that favor only elites. When the anti-globalists speak out they have their own agenda for gaining political influence.

Yet, the substance in their argument often offers a compelling case. In the view of Mexican parliamentary Deputy Carlos Heredia Zubieta of the center-left opposition Party of the Democratic Revolution speaks to the NAFTA experience: “If you look at the macroeconomic figures, it's true: Inflation is under control, the deficit is manageable, there is fiscal and monetary discipline, and exports are growing," Heredia Zubieta said. "But the beneficiaries are only a small circle of corporations with ties to the international economy, to the detriment of the majority of small and medium-sized local companies and workers and citizens in general," he argued. Domestic firms have registered zero growth or worse, while only the export sector, represented by local subsidiaries of transnational corporations, has expanded. "The domestic market is not growing. On the contrary, the buying power of Mexicans has fallen steadily over the years.”

Proponents of the Free Trade Area of the Americas are unable to substantiate that this new trade agreement would alter this pattern. Without a vigorous, open and public debate on all the issues related to international trade, the imbalances that are harming our own domestic economy will never be corrected. The press is beholden to the corporate/state consortium, they will not moderate such a discussion. The multinational cartels are driven to eliminate real competition. And most elected politicians are too fearful to buck a system that helped to create and continually protect.

Miami will not be the last demonstration. The riot police will persist in applying their tactics. The IMF and World Bank will extend their micromanagement. And the rest of us will be forced to reduce our expectations for future economic independence. Not exactly the formula of abundance for a free people . . .


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