Jonathan Pollard Traitor Release

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Jonathan Pollard Traitor Release
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Jonathan Pollard Traitor Release 

The history of the Jonathan Pollard spy case usually breaks down to the views of the person doing the analysis. If one holds favorable sentiments for Israel, sympathy towards Pollard usually surfaces.  Contrary if one maintains an abiding loyalty towards the United States, the facts of the spying and treasonous betrayal are overwhelming. In the end, the final assessment proves that the notion of being a “Duel Loyalist” is preposterous. It is absurd that an authentic American can be a Zionist and provide actual national security secrets to an Israeli government that regularly operates in the most fundamental ways against our own country.

Spying against a “so called” ally is routinely conducted. The ultimate standard is whether your loyalty applies to America or is Israel the primacy for your fidelity. The deposition on Pollard’s high treason is clear. The Jonathan Pollard Spy Case: The CIA's 1987 Damage Assessment Declassified by Jeffrey T. Richelson is a useful primer on the facts and harm caused by this Zionist undercover agent.

“Pollard's disclosures were alarming to U.S. officials for several reasons, some of which were noted in their official declarations (Document 7a, Document 10) – some of which were direct responses (Document 9) to claims and analysis made by Pollard in his sentencing memorandums (Document 6, Document 8b). One, despite the fact that both the U.S. and Israeli considered each other legitimate intelligence targets, was Israel's willingness to run a human penetration operation directed at the U.S. government. Another, was the damage to the intelligence sharing arrangement with Israel  since its acquisition of material from Pollard weakened the U.S. position vis-a-vis intelligence exchanges with Israel. In addition, there was no guarantee that such documents, revealing both sources and methods as well as assessments, would not find their way to the Soviet Union via a Soviet penetration of the Israeli intelligence or defense community  as had happened with a number of other allies. Further, since Israel was a target of U.S. intelligence collection  particularly technical collection - operations, the documents could be used by Israeli counterintelligence and security organizations to help Israel neutralize or degrade U.S. collection operations.”

Once again, the notable journalist Seymour M. Hersh, sheds light on THE TRAITOR - The case against Jonathan Pollard.

“THE documents that Pollard turned over to Israel were not focused exclusively on the product of American intelligence -- its analytical reports and estimates. They also revealed how America was able to learn what it did -- a most sensitive area of intelligence defined as "sources and methods." Pollard gave the Israelis vast amounts of data dealing with specific American intelligence systems and how they worked. For example, he betrayed details of an exotic capability that American satellites have of taking off-axis photographs from high in space. While orbiting the earth in one direction, the satellites could photograph areas that were seemingly far out of range. Israeli nuclear-missile sites and the like, which would normally be shielded from American satellites, would thus be left exposed, and could be photographed. "We monitor the Israelis," one intelligence expert told me, "and there's no doubt the Israelis want to prevent us from being able to surveil their country." The data passed along by Pollard included detailed information on the various platforms -- in the air, on land, and at sea -- used by military components of the National Security Agency to intercept Israeli military, commercial, and diplomatic communications. At the time of Pollard's spying, select groups of American sailors and soldiers trained in Hebrew were stationed at an N.S.A. listening post near Harrogate, England, and at a specially constructed facility inside the American Embassy in Tel Aviv, where they intercepted and translated Israeli signals. Other interceptions came from an unmanned N.S.A. listening post in Cyprus. Pollard's handing over of the data had a clear impact, the expert told me, for "we could see the whole process" -- of intelligence collection -- "slowing down." It also hindered the United States' ability to recruit foreign agents. Another senior official commented, with bitterness, "The level of penetration would convince any self-respecting human source to look for other kinds of work."


Illustrating the extent of the harm, The Arguments For And Against Releasing Jonathan Pollard provides the kind of example that Zionists are quite willing to betray U.S. interests if it advances their Greater Israel strategy. “Investigative reporter Seymour Hersh has written that Israel passed on that information to the Soviet Union in exchange for allowing Soviet Jews to emigrate.”

Putting into perspective, The Case Against Jonathan Pollard debunks tortured arguments in favor of freeing Pollard.

“As chief of the Justice Department’s counter-espionage section, John L. Martin supervised the prosecution of Pollard and 75 other spies. Only one case resulted in acquittal.

Indeed, Pollard gave Israel access to classified documents that would fill a space 10 feet by 6 feet by 6 feet. “The enormous amount of material he turned over to the Israelis applied to just about everything imaginable, including communications intelligence information and some of our most closely guarded secrets,” Martin says. “A good deal of it did not relate to Israeli security.”

Whether Pollard spied for a friendly country is irrelevant, Martin says:

“There are no distinctions in the law between those who spy for allies or for adversaries. Once the documents are taken out of the custody of the U.S., you have no control over who may see them. People who have access to them would not necessarily be limited to the Israelis.”


The seriousness of a crime of treason should raise the outrage of every patriotic American. So when the news aired that Jonathan Pollard, Spy for Israel, to Be Released on Parole, the ire of the nation should be expressed. “Mr. Pollard expressed a desire to be reunited with his wife, Mr. Lauer said. He added that parole rules may prevent his client from immediately leaving the United States, but that Mr. Pollard was eager to visit Israel when he could.” The smell of an Obama deal with Netanyahu is all over this concession to a country eager to spy against us. All the while, a scant 3.4 percent favor releasing jailed Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard to Israel.

Mike King from Tomatobubble has it correct.

“After a quarter century of whining about the life sentence meted out to the traitor Jonathan Pollard, one would think that his fellow tribesmen would simply welcome his coming release and shut up about the matter. But nooooo. For these relentless chosenites, getting what you want is never the end of it. It is only a new starting point; the proverbial "moving of the goal posts", to use a football analogy. There is always a new level of demands. As the old adage goes, "give em an inch, they take a mile!"

With regard to Pollard's imminent liberation, the new bitch and whine is over the fact that Israel is expected to reciprocate for Obongo's leniency by stopping the construction of additional settlements in Palestinian territory. The Zionists will have none of that. They want their spy freed and more Palestinian land on top of it. Now that's what the Tribe calls "chutzpah".

You will never get this kind of appraisal from the pro-Zionist controlled media. This forbidden history is taboo especially if the subject of the spying is one of their own.

Honest and sincere critics of American foreign policy have every right to challenge and oppose the internationalist who dictated American interventionism. However, when a collaborator in treason is caught red handed, particularly on the level of Pollard’s disloyalty, there should be a national effort to squash the release of this traitor.

The underlying warning of the Pollard incident is that Israel is in the same category as Red China. Both countries are not friends of the United States and their intelligence operations target our secrets. Both are serial spying establishments designed to undermine our bona fide national interests.

In order to internalize the object lesson from Pollard’s release, even this mole who caused the gravest threat to national security, avoided the death penalty. While opposing that ultimate sentence as a matter of principle, life in prison is appropriate. Jonathan Pollard is nothing like Edward Snowden. Pollard spied for a foreign country and took money for his criminal offense. So when the Zionist wants to peddle their tired and discredited arguments that Pollard has suffered enough, the proper response is a kosher neyn.

As long as Americans close their eyes to Israeli treachery, the prospects for safeguarding our own country will be at great risk.

SARTRE – August, 4, 2015

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