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The Trump anti-Communist Counter Revolution

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"Reign for our glory, reign to strike fear in our foes, Orthodox tsar. God save the tsar!"

Vladimir Zhirinovsky


Trump anti-Communist Counter Revolution

The century anniversary of the Bolshevik Revolution occurs this year. Any serious examination of The Russian Revolution and the Soviet Union must conclude that the systematic eradications of millions and the ruthlessness of the Communist commissars rule was a miserable failure, even by Marxist postulates. Russia today is quite different from the Gulag Archipelago that Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn experienced and wrote about. “And those who, like you and me, dear reader, go there to die, must get there solely and compulsorily via arrest.”

Yet with all the moronic obsessions that proliferates the warmonger establishment and the mass media, the true Fake News echo chambers, the world is being pushed into the danger zone of oblivion. Any well schooled observer of geopolitics understands that conflicts are instituted or fabricated to achieve certain contrived political objectives. Ideology of theoretical and academic distinctions among varied systems for the social order, are as remote to the thinking of abused sheeple as any intellectual integrity among ivory tower hypocrites.   

Nevertheless, the gradual indoctrination of the non critical public, absorb the cultural socialism of the last century, while distorting their debased brains into thinking they are anti-communists. Sorry my fellow Americans, the Communist Manifesto , has long ago been adopted by countless collectivist betrayers. Totalitarianism has been accepted as the official implementation conduct to perpetuate and expand the globalist empire.

How did this happen and what awaits a nation that refuses to face reality? James Perloff lists several developments in the methodical destruction of Russia and asks DO AMERICANS FACE A RED TERROR?

“Though America would never have accepted outright communist revolution, it is now adopting measures accurately termed socialism. The Illuminati are employing a timeworn principle: To boil a frog, don’t toss him in boiling water – he’ll jump out. Instead, put him in lukewarm water and gradually raise the heat; the frog never realizes he’s been boiled. This slow warming is “Fabian socialism” (gradual communism).”

Oh, what a succinct description why Bernie Sanders comrades drank the hemlock of Bolshevik progressivism.

Radio Free Europe, not exactly a friendly surrogate outlet of Russia Today asks, A Century After Russian Revolution, Will Putin Bury Lenin?

“Putin has drawn on aspects of both the tsarist and Soviet eras in his efforts to shape Russia. Many critics accuse him of echoing practices of Soviet times -- and even of dictator Josef Stalin -- in his quest to tighten his grip over Russia.

But he has done more to link his image to the long history of tsars than to the relatively brief, badly checkered Soviet experiment -- seven oppressive decades that began with the kind of upheaval Putin seems bent on ensuring does not threaten his rule.

"We've seen a long-term buildup of the sense that the real model is to be found not so much in the Soviet times, but actually in tsarist times," says analyst Mark Galeotti, a senior policy fellow at the Institute of International Relations in Prague.

"And I can't help but wonder if while once upon a time Putin was willing to say that the collapse of the Soviet Union was the greatest geopolitical catastrophe of the 20th century, he might well now actually be saying that 1917 was," Galeotti adds.”

When Senator “Bomber” John McCain wants to sabotage any Donald Trump initiative to engage in a non belligerent foreign policy with Russia, one has to conclude that his globalist masters use their Manchurian Candidate stooge to keep and expand NATO’s brinkmanship and deployed encirclement of Russia.

Vladimir Putin Nemesis of the New World Order poses “The essential question that has existential consequences is whether Russia (or much of the non-NWO governance bodies) is willing to revert to their serfdom heritage and accept a technocratic subservient peasantry.”

The NeoCons, NeoLibs and careerist State Department globalists have abandoned any semblance of a traditional non-interventionist foreign policy.  Justin Raimondo is always consistent to articulate the argument. In Trump’s Revolution he states “Trump rode into office promising that “we’ll get along with everybody” who wants peace with the United States, as he said in his victory speech. He campaigned on a platform of “America First” that his enemies derided as “isolationist” and which was, in reality, simply the foreign policy of the Founders of this country.”

The necessary inquiry that will be resolved over the course of the Trump administration is whether a serious anti-Communist Counter Revolution will come out of his stewardship? In a recent “Reign of Terror” essay Trump's Self-Inflicted Policy Failures , the obvious influence of placing a tribal faction of Wall Street banksters in charge of monetary authority and a fraternity of dual loyalists and Israel First followers in key policy positions for foreign policy was made.

For doubters in the wisdom of this position, read Michael Scheuer, an ex CIA alumnus who no longer appears in the corporate media. Just maybe they cannot handle the truth or allow the public from hearing the uncensored reality. Mr. Trump, stop being an ass. America First and support for Israel are polar opposites.

“The American republic was not formed to be the cats-paw of any foreign power — especially one irrelevant to U.S. interests, like Israel — or any disloyal gaggle of Americans. Neither is there anything manly or self-respecting in you authorizing such Israel First goals as are signified by your ambassadorial choice and the plan to move the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem. Remember that the supporters of both goals are the same people and organizations who hysterically vilified you, lied about you, and advised all Americans to vote for Hillary Clinton. You owe them nothing, Mr. Trump, and America owes neither them nor Israel another dollar or another military life. It is time, Mr. Trump, to stop playing the fool for Israel, Israel First, the Neoconservatives, and at U.S. Congress that is controlled by all three.”

Whether Trump can maintain his promise of establishing a counter revolution will be judged by this acid test of shifting away from globalist governance and putting forth a genuine nationalism that breaks the chains of internationalism.   

Purging the popular culture of their fellow traveler sentiments and apparatchik subversives is not likely when the country is contaminated with an authoritarian censorship assault coming from not just the usual suspects, but adopted by the very pillars of the crony establishment elites.

The overwhelming and vocal voice from forgotten loyal Americans in the last election put Trump in office. Taking his oath of office is not a mere detail of showmanship. It is probably the last opportunity to put into motion an honest attempt to implement rightful truth to power.

President Trump will be confronted by a junta or status quo collaborators, whose identity is indistinguishable from the imperial hegemony that dominates the world. Most of the spooks in the intelligence community are devoted globalists and view an America at peace as a threat to their power.

A Counter Revolution to the tyrannical Communist overseers that attend Davos will not get support out of the beltway crowd. The populist movement needs to be based upon authentic conservative principles that are founded upon a limited government, not a corporate dominated playing field of privileged titans.

The people who rallied to put Trump in the White House must not be stonewalled from seeing and experiencing real world economic improvements to their lives and circumstances. Only a revitalized economy that produces widespread prosperity for those who are willing to improve their own plight can win this war against the welfare state.

Trump has the potential of being the greatest domestic proponent in history if the opposition from the establishment would get religion and become patriotic. Nonetheless, the forces of malicious wickedness are prepared to unleash their pandemic coup against the peoples of our republic.

It is so obvious that the shadow state has declared war against Donald Trump. The panic that has overtaken the power elite should be evidential proof that Trump represents a terminal threat to their feudal system of perdition. The bourgeois has been explicitly stripped of their wealth and independence over the last century. Now elite’s within our own country, not the post Soviet Russians would become the U.S. version of the Bolshevik Cheka.

When the conspirators in the corridors of sedition want to charge that Trump is a Putin agent, we get into the area of rarified delusional vilification. The malady of disinformation knows no bounds when it comes out of the mouth of a government hired gun. Can Trump survive from such an onslaught? Especially, when the character assassins have little hesitation to go ballistic, can the next hundred years chronicle the success of the Trump movement counter revolution?

The Red Terror that imperils our constitutional republic is home grown; much like the merchants of death came out of the money-lender NYC offices that financed the Bolshevik Revolution.  Continuity of Government requires that Donald Trump is the legitimate president. Those who advocate violence or a coup to prevent him from governing are traitors. Judas was the keeper of the finances. So too his same fate should apply to any snakes of our nation.

SARTRE – January 17, 2017  

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"The Bolshevik Revolution," declared a leading American Jewish community paper in 1920, "was largely the product of Jewish thinking, Jewish discontent, Jewish effort to reconstruct."
American Hebrew (New York), Sept. 1920. Quoted in: Nathan Glazer and Daniel Patrick Moynihan, Beyond the Melting Pot (Cambridge, Mass.: 1963), p. 268. 

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