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Similarity, Community, Values and Human Nature - Part VI


Leave It To The Politicans

The attainment of 'Community' should be eminently clear, in the case of the Chicago 8. The bonds of authentic purpose and 'good will' was shared by, and among, eight very different people. The calm resolution and peace of mind, is most evident in their willingness of viewing incarceration as a victory for everyone. And this connection extended not only to their counsel, but to those observers in the courtroom, and 'All The World Is Watching' public.

So let us move to a discussion in the current environment. I will use examples from ethnic groups and members of the US Congress. Let us examine if 'Similarity' and 'Community' are common characteristics.

The most vivid illustration of a similar group from a common cultural root and ethnic background, that lives in open hostility with one another, is the current conflict in Northern Ireland. The language is in common, the region is in common, the ethnic genes are from a common source, the cultural music and literature have a common heritage, and the religion is to the same Christian God. But with all this in common, the hatred is as real and vehement, as between any two groups in the world. I won't go into the history, but for indicating that the 'Orange' are loyal to the Crown and are Protestant, while the Catholics are Republican in sympathy. How do we account for this vast void of 'Community'? Well, the most striking element is the difference in 'Ideology'; political and religious, which has severe consequences on economic and social life of the entire community, (small c).

The next example is the current conflict in Israel among the three factions of the Jewish community; Orthodox, Reform and Secular. Surely, one can't claim that only the tribes of Benjamin and Levi are at fault; for their resistance, on religious grounds, to the goals of the Secular Jews? They disagree on their 'Ideology' and world view. Where is the 'Similarity' or 'Community' among the most homogeneous ethnic group, religion and culture; that exists? Is there room for disagreement in 'Ideology' and maintain 'Similarity' or achieve 'Community'? I suggest that a look at our present representatives will help answer this question.


Is there a requirement level of intelligence for membership in Congress? If there is, I can't find it! What about philosophical loyalty? Lets compare Maxine Waters with Sheila Jackson Lee. Both are female, liberal democrats, similar voting records, black and from urban districts. But Sheila Jackson Lee is a very articulate and gifted intellect (even if she is confused) member, while Maxine Waters has assumed the mantel, now that Carol Mosley-Brown is out of the Senate, as the most cerebral challenged member (she is dumb as dirt). Smarts don't make them similar, but 'Ideology' does.

Now what makes a fellow Democrat like James Traficant, Jr vote so often against Waters and Lee. His district has just as much poverty in Youngtown Ohio as LA or Houston. But he has a different concept of how to serve the needs of his constituents; its his 'Ideology' that breaks with Waters' and Lee's 'Similarities'.

On the other side of the aisle, you have a Ron Paul, Chris Cox and J C Watts. Why do they usually vote in a similar way even though their backgrounds are so dissimilar? Paul is white, from a coastal TX district, is a Doctor, was in the Air Force, and is known as a Constitutional maverick; while Cox is white, from suburban CA district, in the leadership of his party, and has both a JD and MBA from Harvard; and Watts is black, from a rural (Norman is rural to me) OK district, also in the Republican leadership and former football star. Their common thread is their conservative 'Ideology', with Paul the most conservative and Watts and Cox closely together. So what we have is the same motivation for political affiliation, in both the Democrats and the Republicans; just that their views are on oppose sides, when it comes to philosophy and the manner of the legislation that will meet the needs of the people.

Now we will bring in a Republican just as confused as Lee and just as dull-witted as Waters; Sen Trent Lott. His 'Ideology' is purported to be conservative, but his leadership is that of a quisling. His devotion to the 'Similarity' demands conformity to the culture of the political class. Leadership is non existent, but accommodation is the order of the day. His commitment to 'Ideology' serves the interests of the status quo. We show also mention Sen. Ben Nighthorse Campbell and Sen. Richard Shelby. Both changed from being Democrats to become Republicans. Both are conservative, with moderate to conservative voting records. Campbell is a Native American, while Shelby is a 'good olde boy'. Both have been trashed in the media since their switch in party. Contrast this press with the non partisan manner that Lott conducted the Impeachment Trial. Lott's cooperation with the culture of Big Government 'Ideology', dictates that he gets a pass when necessary.

Finally, lets look at the viscous and vile manner that blacks are condemned when they wander off the plantation. The recent NAACP conference makes a perfect illustration. Kweisi Mfume, current president of the entire NAACP, former Congressman and leader of the Democratic 'Black Caucus'; is an intelligent and committed socialist. He is well portrayed in the press and is given direct access to the political establishment. Contract this treatment with Shannon Reeves, president of the Oakland chapter of the NAACP, and a Republican; gets in the media, his own organization, but even more important in his own community. (page attached). Could it be all about the 'Ideology'? You bet, it is . . . This same treatment is leveled upon Walter Williams, Larry Elders and certainly Alan Keyes. Shame on you Mr. Mfume, for disrespecting and demonizing your fellow Maryland neighbor, Keyes. Shame on you Mr. Mfume for betraying your fellow Muslim brother, Louis Farrakhan, because of your 'Ideology'. All because of the new religion of the 'Statist' culture of 'Similarity'.

So what we have is a false 'Community' in the ethos of political expediency and fidelity to the same 'Ideology' that the prosecution, the police and Mayor Daley had towards the Chicago 8. No wonder that Bobby Seals was bound and gagged!

How does this pattern of behavior by the 'Power Elite' conform to the notion of 'Civilization'? How is the 'self interest' served by this 'Ideology'? And how is the 'altruist-collectivism' achieved through the 'Ideology' of the 'Statist Collectivits'?

The absence of 'Civilization' forgoes the possibility of the 'common good'. And the 'Ideology' of the Power Elite, serves ONLY the interests of themselves . . . So what is the solution? As we continue.


What is history but the story of how politicians have
 squandered the blood and treasure of the human race.
Thomas Sowell

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