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Similarity, Community, Values and Human Nature - Part V


"All The World Is Watching"

In the last segment, the culture of International Foreign Policy was illustrated with the Spanish-American War. This mindset has been in place ever since, in this country. The ethos that compels this view, is challenged, only on rare occasions, and can be seen as one of the most dramatic examples of 'Similarity' that causes and demands conformity. For this cultural insistence, is one of the most significant self identity requirements that society, and her government places upon each individual. The acceptance of this policy is treated as a supreme doctrine in the 'New Religion'. Only the most harsh of retributions, are distributed for those who question this canon. The enclosed article, provides direct evidence of the ultimate goal for this Similarity'. But this search will, now, extend to the domestic side of the ledger; with an examination of one incident, before your time, but very recent. It seems that we will do back to that same Woodstock era, and analyze the important watershed case, that put the legitimacy of the system, on trial. It is know as the 'Chicago 8'.

During the Democratic Convention in 1968, the demonstrations that erupted in Chicago resulted in the circus trial of the century. Other trials have more fame, but none exposed the 'Similarity' as this did. I'll defer to your efforts on the particulars for the trial, but will provide the following: (Bobby Seale, was gagged and removed from the trial).

Chicago Seven:

David Dellinger The longtime peace activist and lecturer lives near Peacham, Vt. Now 82, he regularly fasts in a protest to change the name of Columbus Day to Native American Day.

Rennie Davis The national director of the community organizing program for Students for a Democratic Society, he went on to become a venture capitalist in Denver and a lecturer on meditation and self-awareness.

Tom Hayden A founder of Students for a Democratic Society, Hayden married and later was divorced from actress and activist Jane Fonda. Now a California state senator, he served as a delegate to the 1996 Democratic National Convention in Chicago.

Jerry Rubin A founder of the Youth International Party, Rubin helped organize the first Vietnam teach-in at the University of California at Berkeley. During the 1980s, he became known as the Yippie-turned-Yuppie while working on Wall Street. He was fatally injured in Los Angeles while jaywalking in 1994.

John Froines Became director of the Occupational Health Center at the University of California, Los Angeles. Served in the Jimmy Carter administration as director of toxic substances for the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

Lee Weiner Now works with a direct-mail firm in Washington for nonprofit organizations and political clients. Active in membership development at the Anti-Defamation League of B? B?h in New York. Participated in recent protests for AIDS research and Soviet Jews.

Abbie Hoffman Born in Massachusetts and educated at Brandeis, Hoffman continued to criticize and satirize American culture, creating a near-riot at the New York Stock Exchange by throwing dollar bills onto the trading floor. He also led 50,000 people to surround the Pentagon and try to levitate it with psychic energy. He went into hiding for six years after a 1973 drug bust. In 1989, he killed himself.


The significance is that the failures in the foundation of the entire society, were exposed for what they were, in he bankrupt foreign policy of the War. But this was a violation of the most cardinal precepts! The breakdown involved the entire established 'Civilization'. The stake were of the highest order, and no quarter would be extended. Was it really a new day, or would the 'Similarity' prevail? The sentiments of Abbie Hoffman, captures the moment:

"Revolution is not something fixed in ideology, nor is it something fashioned to a particular decade. It is a perpetual process embedded in the human spirit."

This was Mayor Daley's attempt to defend the police after they beat up protestors at the 1968 Democratic Convention. This summary statement by defense attorney William Kuntsler say it all:

An intolerable war abroad has divided and dismayed us all. Racism at home and poverty at home are both causes of despair and discouragement. In a so-called affluent society, we have people starving, and people who can't even begin to approximate the decent life. These are rough problems, terrible problems, and as has been said to everybody in this country, they are so enormous that they stagger the imagination. But they don't go away by destroying their critics. They don't vanish by sending men to jail. They never did and they never will. To use these problems by attempting to destroy those who protest against them is probably the most indecent thing that we can do. You can crucify a Jesus, you can poison a Socrates, you can hand John Brown or Nathan Hale, you can kill a Che Guevara, you can jail a Eugene Debs or a Bobby Seale. You can assassinate John Kennedy or a Martin Luther King, but the problems remain.

The solutions are essentially made by continuing and perpetuating with every breath you have the right of men to think, the right of men to speak boldly and unafraid, the right to be masters of their souls, the right to live free and to die free. The hangman's rope never solved a single problem except that of one man. I think if this case does nothing else, perhaps it will bring into focus that again we are in that moment of history when a courtroom becomes the proving ground of whether we do live free and whether we do die free. You are in that position now. Suddenly all importance has shifted to you---shifted to you as I guess in the last analysis it should go, and it is really your responsibility, I think, to see that men remain able to think, to speak boldly and unafraid, to be masters of their souls, and to live and die free. And perhaps if you do what is right, perhaps Allen Ginsberg will never have to write again as he did in "Howl," "I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by madness," perhaps Judy Collins will never have to stand in any Courtroom again and say as she did, "When will they ever learn? When will they ever learn?"

Now we have a vivid example of a severe disconnect between the 'Similarity' of the mainstream culture and the new generation who wanted their 'Civilization' to live by, and up to the principles, that it held up as their standard. The fact that placed this movement into motion was the International Foreign Policy. The ultimate goal for this system of 'Similarity' is seen in the UN article. Has this now become the new 'Civilization'? Something seem to be lacking? The 'self interest' is not being adhered to. The 'altruist collectivism', seems to have gone askew. What could be missing? And how can it be applied to the entire relationship? Could the answer be found back in our understanding of 'Civilization'? Or might it be that in 'Community' part? Surely, it has to do something with the 'Human Nature'. We will continue on . . .


Justice, like liberty and coercion, is a concept which, for the sake of clarity,
 ought to be confined to the deliberate treatment of men by other men.
F.A. Hayek

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