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Acumen 2003

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daily epigrams that capture the essence of the times

People demand freedom of speech as a compensation for the freedom of thought which they seldom use. 
Soren Kierkegaard

Quotidian Acumen 2004


True wisdom lies in gathering the precious things out of each day as it goes by.
E. S. Bouton


January - April 2003

Ex General and Deputy CIA director to be second in command for Department of Fatherland Security. - 4/30

Palestinian name Mahmoud Abbas Prime Minister, Tel Aviv explosion, forget any peace. - 4/29 

Tareq Aziz CIA mole or is he just a guy looking for a deal he can't refuse? - 4/28

SARS kills more than people, the economy is most at risk. - 4/27

U.S. wants no role for U.N. over Iraqi oil. How about letting Iraq profit from their own resources? - 4/26

A Gephardt health plan would only be one big headache. - 4/25

So North Korea will sell nukes. Why not just buy all of them? - 4/24

Rick Santorum hang tough and tell the 'PC' crowd to switch to sucking eggs. - 4/23

Another term for Alan Greenspan, when the Federal Reserve should be abolished? - 4/22

Supremes to do away with Miranda rights? Why not, their act is full of Patriot's - 4/21 

Remember WACO, it's ten years and what has America learned? - 4/20

Iraqi's tell Yankee go home as bases are set to quarter troops. - 4/19

The CIA Bechtel front the big winner in all the trump up wars. - 4/18 

Those phantom WMD will only be found when planted. - 4/17

Framework for colony creates a federal system, doomed from the beginning. - 4/16

Syria set up has a clear message for all other regimes in the Gulf. - 4/15

So the war is over! Then why will the troops maintain a permanent presence? - 4/14

The IMF ready to move into Iraq and enslave another country. - 4/13

North Korea getting ready to collect their new bribes! - 4/12

Russia, France and Germany meet to confront the evil empire. - 4/11

Gear up for the colonial council to protect the flow of oil. - 4/10

Statues come down, as a new dictator is installed. - 4/9

UN gets its plum, the oil goes through them. - 4/8

The long awaited uprising? Liberation will never be the same again. - 4/7 

Two better reports dead and scores of slugs remain for the approved version. - 4/6

Ready for the hand pick agents to run the new Iraq? - 4/5

He's alive, He's alive ! Or is it just wag the dog? - 4/4 

City lights out, Air America landing and Baghdad end game in site. - 4/3

Female POW rescue! Why are they in harms ways to begin with? - 4/2 

Saddam Hussein live speech turns out to be a bust, no show. - 4/1

Affirmation Action case can be struck down if Supreme Court gets the nerve. - 3/31

Robin Cook calls for British troops to come home. - 3/30

The Pope condemns the war as immoral. - 3/29

Fighting is no cake walk, weeks will turn into months. - 3/28

"However long it takes" the Bush tyranny will continue! - 3/27 

Bush say war is far from over, the fact is it's never ending against us by the State. - 3/26

Bye Bye for the tax cut - the war is just too expensive. - 3/25

Beginning to have doubts? If not, you should! - 3/24

U.S. soldiers taken prisoners, just wait when Turkey marches into Iraq. - 3/23

Now your own soldiers are fragging officers - happy yet? - 3/22

Now America! Are you proud of yourselves? - 3/21

Bombs away the big fish got away. - 3/20

D-Day is here and it stands for death of our own country. - 3/19

Pressure mounts on Tony Blair, bring the party down, call for new elections. - 3/18

Bush give 48 hours to get out of Dodge, he should take his own advice. - 3/17

Mini Summit of final demands means the die is cast. - 3/16

Anyone remember China? Hu Jintao its new president, just another Communist! - 3/15

Nancy Pelosi a leader for the Zionist - an enforcer against Jim Moran's candor. - 3/14

'Partial Birth' abortion ban by Senate is the acid test for Bush. - 3/13

Djindjic assassination just due for Milosevic betrayed. - 3/12

New US super bomb! Sure makes one feel a lot safer. - 3/11

World's first permanent war crimes court is created to bring justice to those who commit the worst crimes. SURE! - 3/10

When will Republican fight for their appointments? Pattern that they don't really believe in those they nominate. - 3/9

Bush meets the press with scripted questions and empty answers. - 3/8

Spending increases continue with no regard to budgets, as the dollar falls in value. - 3/7 

President Bush has just made the Iraq deployment the "BUSH War". - 3/6

Pope says the Iraq war is "Unjust", Bush move further out on a lonely limb. - 3/5

Khalid Shaikh Mohammed reported killed in previous raid, guess he has many lives! - 3/4

Small delay from the start of combat, little time left to stop the a lasting mistake. - 3/3

Caughting all of al-Qaida won't stop the terror, and surely won't stop the empire. - 3/2

Turkey votes no more Yankee troops, another NATO member making sense, opposing U.S. policy. - 3/1

Homeland Security is Official - you'll never be secure again. - 2/28

Sharon bring secularists into new alignment, the orthodox are on the outs. Fasten your seatbeats - its going to be a bumpy ride! - 2/27 

Bush wants supplemental spending of $95 billion for the WAR, and some still support him! - 2/26 

Consumers vote on the economy with keeping what's left of their money in their wallet. - 2/25

Federal Judge Rejects Lawsuit Seeking to Block War on Iraq, no surprise here! - 2/24

Gas prices rising faster than the all the explosions, another benefit from the War Party. - 2/23

More troops to Columbia and the Phillippines, but none to defend our own borders. - 2/22

Dancing at nightclubs can be more dangerous than waiting for terrorists to strike. - 2/21

With friend like Turkey, we should be begging the French to take us back. - 2/20

With that plane crash, will those Iranian troops in Iraq, get the message - the US already holds the high ground? - 2/19

Bush says he won't listen to citizens who oppose the coming war, who's war is it George? - 2/18

If we were so lucky to shut down the government, let's be sure that the bureaucrats get a no pay for another holiday. - 2/17

Tony Blair's regime has no confidence, time to show them the door. - 2/16

If it keeps on snowing in DC, would that mean the government would shut down permanently? - 2/15

Ridge admits false alert on bad information, how much else should we discount! - 2/14

Looks like a scorned wife still doesn't have a license to kill, safe for the time being. - 2/13

Government announces more protection for the capital, when the real threat stems from the district. - 2/12

Bin Laden's message known to Colin Powell beforehand, just who wrote the content? - 2/11

Gaza and the West Bank in lock down, who thinks this situation can keep a lid on the volcano! - 2/10

This is one of those time the English Prince should call for new election and retire Blair to oblivion. - 2/9

British admit report used by Powell is bogus, and we are suppose to start WW IV based upon more lies! - 2/8

New high alert sends alarms off with little chance to prevent the disaster, as the borders remain wide open. - 2/7

SemiColin Powell presents audio recording that anyone can make, and this is evidence. - 2/6

North Korea on the move and the U.S. off in the wrong direction. - 2/5

France charts a course that others should follow. - 2/4

The only space we need to explore is that which exists within ourselves. - 2/3

Record Federal deficits will look small as time passes. - 2/2

NASA = No Aerospace Success Anymore - 2/1

Foreign opposition to the coming war strong, many Americans lag behind still supporting the Emperor. - 1/31

Time to push Senate approval of federal judges and tell the DemocRATS to suck eggs. - 1/30

Sharon wins, his crimes will continue and the world will watch in silence. - 1/29

State of the Empire Speech bring visions of an eulogy for the Republic. - 1/28

The markets tank, and the folks panic while it is obvious that it is just a part of the war plan. - 1/27

Civil Servant incentive plans should be designed around eliminating their own jobs. - 1/26 

Raid into Gaza just before an Israeli election, Sharon back on top, no surprise. - 1/25

Bush Prescription Drug Plan, government-subsidized private health insurance programs, another wealth transfer policy. - 1/24 

Hamas and Islamic Jihad reject truce with Israel - occupation must end, will either side settle for peace? - 1/23

No surprise that so many still advocate killing the unborn, since most of them favor murder and War. - 1/22  

Hispanic population surpass Black's - how long before White's can demand foreign aid? - 1/21

I have a dream too, but reality has become a nightmare. - 1/20 

AntiWar protesters get their first arrests. - 1/19

Homeland Security gets it first white wash. - 1/18

U.S. Special Forces sent to Colombia, when all the attention is on the Middle East. - 1/17

The closer the war becomes the lower the dollar falls. - 1/16

Can you really copyright an idea, especially when people need them so bad? - 1/15

Bush polls sink - war ready to begin - a simple connection. - 11/14

Bush has the opportunity to advocate a color blind society - oppose the Michigan policy. - 1/13 

Lesson of N Korea - pick your time correctly for Brinkmanship. - 1/12 

Opposition to Iraq War increases, while the WAR Party ignores all pleas. - 1/11

Gov. Ryan waits to the last days to pardon death row prisoners and commute the sentences of others shows that both the executive and courts need to focus upon achieving real justice. - 1/10 

The UN is pushing new global taxation and the Bush administration opposition is non existent. - 1/9

Federal Court rules that the government can hold U.S. citizens as enemy combatants. It can't get any worse than this! - 1/8

A new Congress, promises of more programs and bigger deficits - sure need those tax cuts. - 1/7

Elimination of dividend tax is long overdue, when will the average voter understand their own self interest? - 1/6

$12 billion in U.S. aid sought by Israel, while the U.S. runs a 300 billion deficit or is that 312 billion! - 1/5

Smallpox vaccines that don't protect against weapons grade attacks is a phony medicine. - 1/4

Crossing borders will require your blood and DNA codes, not exactly the land of the Free. - 1/3  

Bush proposed economic-stimulus package. Its called another war. - 1/2

A new year geared to explode - old policies discredited and failed - time for real reform. - 1/1


He is a hard man who is only just, and a sad one who is only wise.  Voltaire



Stronger than an army is a quotation whose time has come.
 - W. I. E. Gates


May - August 2003

Shi'ite's ready to turn on the occupying army, how long before humpty dumpty falls? - 8/31

Bush's vacation over, but when will the hard issues be confronted? - 8/30

London black out no blitz, just elect ohm disconnect, trends of the future? - 8/29

Liar Tony Blair needs to resign in disgrace, time to clean Parliament House. - 8/28

Bush says his faith inspires him, so why the silence in Judge Roy Moore's cause? - 8/27

NASA deserves extinction, record deficits can't afford their failure option. - 8/26 

Appointing Daniel Pipes to the U.S. Institute of Peace is like sending Kissinger to negotiate for American. - 8/25

Violent crime rate down, so why is prison population at record levels? - 8/24

Pedophile priests in jail risk more than moral dignity. - 8/23

The Ten Commandments issue will determind the future of the country. - 8/22

Israelis resume another cycle of endless warfare, just who is fighting to the death? - 8/21 

Ashcroft defends the Patriot Act for tyrants and the end of basic liberties. - 8/20

Explosions mark the death of a phony peace and a failed occupation. - 8/19

Media just loves terror stories, since they seldom deal in facts, what if is all they report. - 8/18

Hispanic's want "pre-clearance" to stop California recall, better to hault the flow, stay back home. - 8/17

Libya pays dearly for the murder of innocents, when will the terror strike political tyrants? - 8/16

No power, no terror just more babies in nine months. - 8/15

Iraq is not the only country that has a Third World power grid. - 8/14 

Latest web worm crashes government computers, who says all is lost? - 8/13

Recovered one SAM, how many more out there? You'll know when they are used. - 8/12

Taylor finally leaves while warning of a return, more occupation for tempory peace. - 8/11

Europe in the mist of record heat wave, means that we're back to global warming for the tourist season. - 8/10

Gray Davis is the poster boy for all 'pols' trash talk to cover-up own faults. - 8/9 

N Korea multilateral talks ready to address bilateral concerns. - 8/8 

Schwarzenegger needs Jesse Ventura to campaign against the Predator. - 8/7

Queer bishops fleece a flock of confused heretics. - 8/6

Bombing in Jakarta, make your discount reservations. - 8/5

MI 6 head ready to resign over Tony Blair's policies, why doesn't Labor sack the PM? - 8/4

UN peacekeeping force approved for Liberia, now who will force the UN "Out of Africa"? - 8/3 

Gray Davis signed a $99 billion state budget with deficit of nearly $40 billion. Grounds to stay in office! - 8/2

DemocRATS looking to Gore in 04! Just how sick can you get? - 8/1

Poindexter goes bust on his future, DARPA takes a hit shorting the market. - 7/31

Sharon keep on building his fence, and he is suppose to be a friend! - 7/30

Saddam calls for more martyrs, is $25 million enough? - 7/29 

A century of ski nose couldn't get any better. - 7/28

The pack to replace Davis grows as the voter readies for just accountability. - 7/27

The Philippines another fine legacy of United States occupation. - 7/26

If Bush real wanted to stop the illegal settlements, he would cut off all aid to Israel. - 7/25

Pictures speak more then words, but is it an electronic image? - 7/24

Death of two brothers won't stop the deaths of US troops. - 7/23 

Tenet point finger at Wolfowitz for dubious intelligence flap. Sack the mole. - 7/22

Marines ready to deploy to Liberia, where does it end? - 7/21

The price of a failed empire, the US ready to ask for help from the UN. - 7/20

Tony Blair won't rush home to face the music, a sign of guilt? - 7/19

Dr Kelly's death another suicide, sure people will believe anything. - 7/18

Troops keep dying in Iraq, no wonder discontent about not coming home. - 7/17

$31 Billion for the State Department, too much money, spent on wrong policies. - 7/16

Small justice for the Klintons, pay your legal bills. - 7/15 

DoJ defies a Federal Judge over Moussaoui, no rule of law for the Feds. - 7/14

Iraqi governing council starts, democracy only a few decades away? - 7/13 

Belgian government to repeal controversial war crimes law, the crooks win again. - 7/12 

Blame the CIA, they approved the speech; but they approve everything. - 7/11  

The sideshow goes DC, Springer enters the ring and wants to be a senator. - 7/10

Everyday, another death from the ranks in Iraq, no surprise that wasn't already known. - 7/9

Operation Predator, part of Homeland Defense, designed to protect the children? - 7/8

CIA says Saddam is alive and we know they know everything. - 7/7

Bush visit to Africa, will never gets Blacks to vote Republican. - 7/6 

HilLAIRy says no run for Prez, can you trust a liar? - 7/5

Happy birthday, the future for Americans, unemployment. - 7/4

"Bring them on"! Bush is brave with your lives. - 7/3

Liberia now need liberation! The dark continent ready for self government? - 7/2 

The political season is heating up as record fund raising guarantees that the same folks will retain power. - 7/1

States budget crisis mushrooming and will poison their future as long as governments grow. - 6/30

Hamas, Islamic Jihad and Fatah agree to truce, so how long with the Israeli observe the peace? - 6/29

Strom Thurmond passes, who will bring back the Dixiecrats? - 6/28

You guessed it! Politicians are exempt from the DO-NOT-CALL list. - 6/27

The sick Supreme Court does it again, perverts American values. - 6/26 

The 'FED' lowers rates one more time, the lower it goes the slower the rebound. - 6/25

Pakistan to get $3 Billion in new aid, but that money will never buy love. - 6/24

The Supreme Court added gasoline to the race fire, just wait for the backlash. - 6/23

Belgians agrees to restrict war crimes law, uncle Sam is off the hook. - 6/22 

Egypt presses ahead with Palestinian truce talks, while Sharon keeps building outposts. - 6/21

Another terrorist threat in Kenya means more repeats coming? - 6/20

Long over due - House repeals Estate Tax. - 6/19 

Gore looking to become a media whore and form a network? Just put a net on this talking head. - 6/18

Doctors support human cloning, while one in six suffer from depression; might there be a connection? - 6/17

Bush blasts 'Revisionist Historians', when he is writing fantasy everyday. - 6/16

Iranian protest the start of the next CIA war! - 6/15

Grayout Davis recall, Arnold Schwarzenegger the running man is the last action hero. - 6/14

Hamas fights with explosives and Israeli used Apache gunships and missiles. - 6/13

The deaths of Peck and Brinkley foregoes the passing of class from a dying society. - 6/12

Sharon a man of peace, is like saying Israel is a democracy, both deny reality. - 6/11

Saddam spotted and now offers a bounty on U.S. troops, he might win yet! - 6/10

So Bush equates a WMD program with having those weapons, sounds like a fabrication! - 6/9 

Medicare reform coming from Bush is a welcome objective. - 6/8

Homeland Offense gets new cybersecurity czar to protect banks and their partners - the government. - 6/7

John Ashcroft seeks to revoke the Bill of Rights and replace it with Patriotic Treason. - 6/6 

New York Times rids themselves of two failed editors, now what's the prospects for truth? - 6/5  

The wicked witch HilLAIRy tells a tale of woe in a book that charms only the black of heart. - 6/4

Martha Stewart's crime? How dare you stonewall the Feds. - 6/3

Bush off chasing a fantasy of a Middle East peace. - 6/2

No prosperity from the G-8, only more consolidation. - 6/1

FCC ready to program even bigger lies. - 5/31 

Clinton likes rape so much he wants a third term! - 5/30 

Bush's exodus to the Middle East will never find the promise land. - 5/29 

Iran next on the target list for liberation, when is our turn? - 5/28

Media consolidation will only protect 'PC' culture. - 5/27

Memorial Day commemorates the fallen as a model to celebrate future wars. - 5/26

Proposed EU constitution has an elected president and binding bill of rights - SURE! - 5/25

Tax cut passes but is temporary, when will rates and fees truly be slashed? - 5/24 

Israel weighing EU membership, will Europe remember their history? - 5/23 

Sanctions lifted as Iraqi oil pays interest for IMF loans. - 5/22 

Road to peace really means Sharon will get his way. - 5/21 

Guns use to be sold in Iraq, no more under occupation. - 5/20

US Dollar sinking like a rock, what do you expect from Federal Reserve Notes! - 5/19 

Tax bill passes but comes up short for real relief. - 5/18

The bombing continue and spread while Sharon cancels another visit. - 5/17

Bush ready to run for a second term of torture and deception. - 5/16

Texas DemocRATS getting cold feet in exile, time to hold their feet to the fire. - 5/15

New York Times exposed for their propaganda, lies and arrogance. - 5/14 

New money doesn't change the color of counterfeit federal reserve notes. - 5/13

Iraqi occupation team having a change in guard, sign of success. - 5/12

Disarm Palestinian militants, no such requirement for Israeli's, in no peace plan. - 5/11 

Tax relief only an illusion when you add up all the other increases for all sources. - 5/10 

New Powell Palestinian Peace Deal while Likud Party is in power? - 5/9 

India will keep her nukes while speculation that Iran is getting close having their own. - 5/8

Cheney states he will continue as Juniors 'main man' and keep running the government. - 5/7

Spring weather worst in years, the sign of times to come. - 5/6

Joe McCarthy was right, just look at the last fifty years of federal rule. - 5/5

Chinese having all kinds of problems, SARS and now the crew on a submarine. - 5/4

FBI lies in McVeigh case, how nice now that he is dead. - 5/3

DemocRATS judicial filibusters are an insult to separation of powers. - 5/2

Rumsfeld says Afghanistan is secure, he surely doesn't understand history! - 5/1


Do not seek to follow in the footsteps of the wise. Seek what they sought.



They would need to be already wise, in order to love wisdom.
Johann Friedrich Von Schiller


September - December 2003

Celebrations for 2004 are marked with more fear than fun, most made out of nothing. - 12/31

Air marshalls empowered with non lethal weapons is part of the solution for peaceful flights. - 12/30

If Saddam is allowed to talk will he blow the whistle on his Bush connection? - 12/29

North Korea next to discuss their nukes? Big Boys don't want little competitors. - 12/28

Libya not close to having nukes, so when will Israel give of their weapons? - 12/27

Mars probe lost, time to drop NASA from the federal welfare rolls. - 12/26

The Middle East celebrates Christmas with their usual charity and death. - 12/25

Mad cow disease just a scare, meat prices will rise as a holiday present. - 12/24

Lee Boyd Malvo spared, jury fails to do justice. Need to wait for Alabama to to do it right. - 12/23

Living in California is more risky than the worry from terrorits. The big one coming soon? - 12/22

New Code Orange, a present for the holidays, thought a Christmas color was red? - 12/21 

Another Bin Laden tape, Bush must want another boost in the polls. - 12/20

Paul Bremer escaped hit, won't be the last as long as Americans occupy foreign lands. - 12/19

A Seasons Greetings gift for John Hinckley and a sick present for Nancy Reagan. - 12/18

Fight at 100 years, the promise turned into a curse, better if man stated at home. - 12/17

Milosevic is stubborn and petulant at his trial, Saddam needs Johnny Cochran to spin the case. - 12/16

Talk, talk, talk, but no leads on WMD: just need to keep looking. - 12/15

Now Saddam, when the other Bush business partner Bin Laden? Wait, just before the election. - 12/14

EU unable to agree on a constitution, hope lives for independent societies. - 12/13

Canada gets a new PM, what's the odds of Chretien endorsing junior Bush? - 12/12 

China loves Bush for cutting loose Taiwan, need more proof who Bush serves?  - 12/11

Soft Money no longer says the Supremes, so what ticks will be use to buy an election? - 12/10

Bore Gore goes for Mean Dean, more raw meat for the hard core and lean times for future teens. - 12/9 

Bush, a drunken sailor sign Medicare expansion, an explosion that will drown the ship. - 12/8

US sucking up to NATO for help in foreign expedition, what about changing the policy? - 12/7

Russia ready for elections as they bring out the troops, sign of things to come elsewhere. - 12/6

Iraqi show trials will only discredit local rule when U.S. laws are used by hand picked judges. - 12/5

Bush back to true colors.  Free Trade will never restore American independence. - 12/4

About time, let the logger manage the forests and we will have lumber for future generations. - 12/3

Registation of risky foreigners at border entry discontinued, great Homeland Defense. - 12/2

Supreme Court refusal to rule on the RIGHT of individual gun ownership means the ropes are useless. - 12/1

No Energy Bill just means more Iraqi oil, if the pipelines aren't destroyed - 11/30

Good bye NATO, independent military role for the European Union plan for their own defense. - 11/29

Bush stay back on the ranch. Enough tourists are in Iraq, the dollar is down, curtail foreign visits. - 11/28

GOP eager to pass gigantic $373 billion spending bill, the party of limited government? - 11/27

FBI denies spying on protesters, so why is DoJ - wdcsun20.usdoj.gov - visiting BATR? - 11/26

Consumer confidence soars as the give aways start for an election year. People never learn. - 11/25

Eduard Shevardnadze ousted from Georgia, how likely could that happen in the U.S.? - 11/24

FBI back to undercover investigate of anti-war groups, not able to stop terror, go after dissenters. - 11/23

Republicans and Bush urge Medicare expansion, real conservatives. - 11/22

Senate stops an energy bill. Needing 60 votes for bills means DemocRATS paralyzes the process. - 11/21

British interests in Istanbul latest targets, how long before London is ground zero? - 11/20

Bush defends the war and interventionalism, at the heart of the old empire. - 11/19

Massachusetts highest court proves how insane the judiciary has become, get back Judge Moore. - 11/18

Rush back and Arnold sworn in, both need luck; one for health, the other to turn around a State. - 11/17 

Wes Clark to testify at the U.N. war crimes trial of Milosevic, wonder if a president would refuse? - 11/16

Bush opposes Congress imposing sanctions against Nigeria, election time for votes he'll never get. - 11/15

Removal Judge Moore from office, demonstrates the total persersion of the laws of man. - 11/14 

Medicare the next battle ground. You already know that the program will be expanded; AGAIN. - 11/13

Senate launching historic justice-for-justice (Right!) marathon to get a vote on federal judges. - 11/12 

Supreme Court agreed to rule on Cuba detainees, will the Patriot Act be next? - 11/11

Public financing for elections is dead, Dean killed it and Kerry will bury it. - 11/10 

Riyadh is about as safe as the WTC, Americans come home. - 11/9

Arafat consolidates power, the roots of the conflict keeps growing deeper. - 11/8 

Jobs growth, but none available if needed, the phantom recovery of stats. - 11/7

Bush want to be Wilson and save the world for Democracy, only hell will result. - 11/6

The baby killers are in an uproar since Bush made the sucking sound illegal. - 11/5

Another election day, no point waiting up for the returns, the People loose again. - 11/4

Cowards on the Supreme Court refused to hear Judge Moore appeals, another nail in the Constitution. - 11/3

Chinook helicopter shot out of the sky, loss of life and the horror just continues. - 11/2 

Now that Rev. V. Gene Robinson is consecrated, the Episcopal Church should just burn their bibles. - 11/1

Abdullah Ahmad Badawi replaces Mahathir Mohamad, guess MM was right on who rules the world. - 10/31 

Economy surging at a fast pace, but is this really prosperity? - 10/30

Bush refused to push a total ban on abortion, so where is the commitment to pro-life? - 10/29

Diebold threatens lawsuits against posting internal memos about their electronic voting machines. - 10/28

California burns every year, too many people squeezed together in paradise. - 10/27 

Wolfowitz was lucky, his own policy could have put him in a body bag. - 10/26

Israelis won't be content until they level all of Gaza. - 10/25

Now Serbia wants to join the EU, hope long before Russia becomes a member? - 10/24

Bush's visit to Australia proves his popularity isn't universal. - 10/23

Terri Schiavo back on feeding tube, partial birth abortion ban; finally a return to sanity. - 10/22 

Iran allows unrestricted inspections of its nuclear program, when will Israel do the same? - 10/21

Boston Archdiocese reach settlement, but with the culture of tolerance remain for abusers? - 10/20

N Korea to get a security pledge, having nukes pays off. - 10/19

UN won't send troops to Iraq, not safe for them, OK for US as the mess continues. - 10/18

Aid to Iraq turns into loans for repayment, neo colonialism at work. - 10/17

25 years for the Pope, only two more till the end. - 10/16  

China has a space cadet, don't worry they are a friend! - 10/15

Americans now dying in Gaza, won't be long before attacks spread worldwide. - 10/14

Getting close to finding Saddam, how many times have we heard that line? - 10/13

Rumsfeld on the way out or just more hype to conceal a deteriorating black hole? - 10/12

Arnold has a tough task before him, better not leave the state, Cruz is still around. - 10/11

Changing hosts causes stress and lose of sleep. We're back! - 10/10

A contrived Washington scandal that avoids the real ones. - 10/1

CIA spooks all deserve an unmarked grave for protecting their Agency. - 9/30

Getting calls from stangers are unwelcomed, but politicians always exempt themselves. - 9/29

Pope getting ready for a transfer or will he wait it out to the end? - 9/28

Condemn Iran for nukes, how about the same attitude towards Israel? - 9/27

To call or not to call, only your telemarketer will know. - 9/26

Political debates prove that elections by lot have more merit than by vote. - 9/25

Schroeder will help Bush, when we help him and take U.S. troops out of Germany/ - 9/24

Breathing life into the UN when it needs to be buried is obscene. - 9/23

World leaders to Bush, the war on terror has caused more harm than security! Is he listening?  9/22

What will happen to the NYSE when folks loose confidence? - 9/21

Bush wants the UN to be kept out of Iraq, so why is the US still there? - 9/20

Federal appeals court ready to take the California dreaming judges to the woodshed? - 9/19

Those Fed 'public servants' get another day off with a little rain, like they work on anyday! - 9/18

Clark another Rhodes scholar from Arkansas, was he stationed at Mena? - 9/17

U.S. vetoed resolution against Israeli threats to expel (or kill) Arafat, no surprise here! - 9/16

Allow courts to decide recall and you just lost that accountability. - 9/15

Zionists declare open season, wait until one of their own is eliminated! - 9/14

Surprise Iran ready to quit the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, won't be long now! - 9/13 

Lukidniks outcry to "remove" Arafat proves the terror resides on both sides. - 9/12

911 anniversary, remember all the lies during the past two years. - 9/11

More powers for the police state, from a "servant of evil", as Congress ready to rubber stamp. - 9/10

Peace plan back on tract! More bombings as Sharon visits and extorts India. - 9/9 

Bush is no patriot, just a hack for the U.S. Corp/STATE Empire. - 9/8

Adding foreign troops to Iraq means different colored body bags will return. - 9/7 

Road Map to no where, leave the fighting to the locals. - 9/6 

Palestinian Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas a lame or dead duck? - 9/5

Why give Republicans power if they won't fight and demand a Senate vote on Miguel Estrada? - 9/4 

Sucking up to the UN for help is an admission of a bankrupt policy. - 9/3

Zionist traitor Jonathan Pollard needs to be chained in the darkest hole, forever. - 9/2

Bush vows to restore manufacturing job, where will they be in Iraq? - 9/1


There is no great concurrence between learning and wisdom. - Francis Bacon


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