Who Did It?

Examine the data and judge for yourself,
blind acceptance of the official account is foolish


Take the time to review the entire research on the links provided. 

You know their official version defies common sense! 

The 'War of Terror' is based upon fear.  


The paramount pretext that consumes the law-abiding culture is that 911 has changed everything. Well, the only aspect that has altered the natural symmetry is that a fabricated diversion has inundated the rational capacities of ordinary citizens. Drowning in a sea of self denial, Americans have accepted the mind control environment and defend the subversive society. What the establishment say is true, the sheeple embrace as truth.

Common sense is all but obliterated from consciousness. Peer pressure and ‘PC’ acceptance is the only norm that dominates the false security facade erected, that has the ultimate goal of keeping fools in bondage. When the apologists for the “System” trot out their standard condemnation - Conspiracy Kooks - you know that they fear the mere mention of questioning the approved and official line. Propaganda has become systemic and universal. The mainstream media has one overriding purpose, to dumb down the public and keep them docile.

Do you have the courage to objectively examine just one aspect of the 911 disinformation record? If so, the weak link in the cover-up can be found in the collapse of Building 7. Esoteric arguments mostly are disregarded, but perceptive evidence is hard to ignore. Will you investigate the documentation? If so, consider the following scenario that is put forth on collapse of WTC 7. The context that applies asks a simple question: “What's the odds that an internal fire weakened all the major support structures in the WTC 7 to make it fall straight down like a controlled demolition?”

The purpose of keeping the inquiry focused on an aspect of the tragic sabotage, that is avoided by the talking heads is significant. Observe the backgrounds and sympathies of “so called” experts that are paraded everyday before the cameras. Their interests usually have a common thread. They benefit from the chaos that they are so eager to expose, since they claim that they are part of the solution. Their answer always purports that greater governmental powers and bureaucratic programs will tame the enemy. Their methods share in the booty of the expanded total control society.

So why do you automatically believe their assessments and answers?  A prudent and sensible person would want to know the real facts about 911. It is apparent that any hopes for a serious and comprehensive investigation will never develop. WHY? It should be obvious that the powers that be are unwilling to allow the details to go public. Their interests are only served by keeping honest sleuths away from the scene of the crime. Only loyal stooges may pass under the yellow tape . . . all others will be detained, discredited or dismissed as unbalanced.

The stakes have seldom been as high as they are today. In play is the future of free and independent Americans. If the contention that our way of life is being threatened by terrorists, why has the greatest damage done to our society been inflicted by the hands of government itself? Agents that serve the State are easily induced to impose restrictions and demands upon ordinary citizens. Their loyalty has never been to a nation of individuals. They adopt the disposition that their duty is to safeguard the government from all enemies. Surely, this is not new but it is novel to assume that righteousness resided in the high rise temples of the WTC.

During the last century, the public was told that the archenemy included the Germans and Japanese. Then a phony Soviet ally became the dreaded Communist, as the plague spread to include Mao, Kim Il Sung and Ho Chi Minh.  No doubt there are no heroes among this gang of despots. However, opposition to those tyrants does not confirm sainthood to the deeds or intentions of leaders from the West. As long as United States policy is viewed as a menace to most of the non genuflecting world, our own people will never know safety and security.

If our world has been turn upside down because of the event of 911, don’t we have an absolute right to know what role our own government played leading up to and during that day? Only a partisan of gutter virtue continues to claim that those obscure WMD were the reason for a policy of preempted regional intervention. The implication is explicit. The facts don’t square on what happened to the WTC complex. Building 7 is the Achilles heel that exposes a cover-up that can’t be explained away by pointing the finger at Islamist extremists. The pretext for the totalitarianism of America is based upon a fraud. There is no Patriotism in passing an Act that destroys our essential purpose as a nation. But that is exactly the end result of allowing 911 as justification for a rush into despotism.

Once again your government has been caught in a lie, but this time the vast majority has willingly accepted their blind, deaf and dumb condition. Without a judicious investigation into the Building 7 incident, no serious person can maintain credibility. Hiding from an unpleasant truth, while boasting a vindication for a government gone mad, is even more insane. You can’t trust the crew that deals in treachery. Do your own research on what happened to Building 7, review the evidence provided from the cited sources and draw you own conclusion. But please stop using 911 as a categorical excuse to justify the destruction of America, by the elements that desire the ending of liberty. Most of these forces are the faces you see each day. Now who are you going to believe?

SARTRE - January 11, 2004

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Because of 911, your liberty is being grapped away . . . 


Gravity is one of the most powerful forces in the universe. But it pales in comparison to the insanity that festers in the American Psyche. Wholesale denial will be the legacy of the horror that struck our Nation today. The root cause for evil lies within each person. When its ugly head rises to a height that all can see, we tend to ignore our own complicity. Blame the perpetrators as criminals, as well we should; but most neglect to look within themselves for their unwillingness to confront depravity.

Acceptance of insane Foreign Policy in the name of Patriotism, breeds the ultimate reaction that nature provides. Who among us are surprised? Is there anyone left that can honestly say that America is NOT viewed with the greatest contempt among the most disgruntled elements of terror? Terrorism is wrong. Violence is not justified. But it will become the typical pattern, as long as JUSTICE is viewed through myopic lenses.

It has long been argued that neutrality in Middle East Policy is in the best interest of America. Today that contention is no longer debatable. Continued support for Israel has brought the plague to our shores. It is not only our first born sons who were slaughtered. The lamb of innocence died in the heap of rubble that is now New York City.

When the prospect of death is favored by the zealot, to peaceful coexistence; the consequences can only inflict the most dire outcome. The jihad against the infidel is a direct result of an unholy alliance with a country that inflicts their own form of terror upon a native population. Neither party has any high ground of morality. Both are equally responsible for the suffering and death that this blood feud imposes on a region and now our own land. It is pay back time and we are unwilling to recognize our responsibility for this debt.

When your leaders wear the mantle of the Zionist, your children will pay. It does not make it right, but that is the tragic reality of blind support for interests that are not our own. Moral outrage is hypercritical when it has been denied for decades. Balance in official policy has never existed, nor has prudence in our own self interest.

Those who wave the 'bloody flag' are the preceptors of mass suicide. Today's causality list will be relegated to an asterisk, when the nukes start to explode. If the world community seeks to unify their 'New World Order' upon the bodies of terrorists that they constructed, we will surely create the seeds of martyrs, for future generations.

When the Ford's, Haig's and Eagleburger's call for swift and strong retribution, be forewarned that the war against America will only intensify. This is not an issue of manhood, but one of endorsing a cause that conflicts with ours. What benefit will any of us see when the landscape of more of our cities resemble that of lower Manhattan?

Will you people ever get it or will it take the funeral of your family to paint the picture for you? If you purport to be patriotic, your duty is to stop support for Israel. Their fight is not yours, but we will pay for their sins. Does this make sense to you?

America will cease to exist when totalitarian measures will be readily accepted by a public who's emotional naiveté will scream for retribution! Folks, the enemy is us; for our involvement in the creation of hostilities that seeks to obliterate our symbols of 'Pax American'.

Israel is not an ally, but is the cause of our sorrow. Wake up America, and divorce this soiled maiden. Does anyone share the pain of the Arab children that are suffering and dying from the one sided policy of U.N. enforcement? Until you acknowledge that Zionism has equal blood on it's hands, you will bleed on your own flag.

The future is NOW! And what you decide will shape its course. It is time for an American First Foreign Policy, that will repudiate the role of a policeman for the world. Think before you demand pay back, for it will blow up in your own face. Recognize the real cause that threatens our country and way of life. Abandon the nation founded on guilt. Blame the terrorists for the body count and hold them accountable. But remove the reason for their hate. If you were part of the fourth world, you just might become your own freedom fighter.

America was suckered into WWII with the treachery of Pearl Harbor. Don't repeat this same mistake and let DEFCON ONE turn into a mushroom cloud that will engulf more then Wall Street. All life is sacred. Resist allowing America from falling into the trap of using their own form of Terror. Demand and establish Justice, and Peace will follow. SHALOM

SARTRE - September 11, 2001


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Iraq as a villain

Scoundrels come in many shapes and forms. Saddam Hussein is certainly no Simon Bolivar. But what politician really seeks policies that liberates their own people? In Saddam’s case we have a dictator who often masters surprising political skills. He is another one of those infamous survivors.

Since we have heard the unending drum beat that this one man is the Pol Pot of the middle east, it should not surprise anyone that any efforts that attempt to defuse the looming hostilities to remove this tyrant, will encounter domestic criticism. We all know the routine. It's only time before he has operational weapons of mass destruction. Defining explicit details and evidence is usually short on specifics and long of hype. There is no doubt that a despot can be an Iranian shah or an Iraqi butcher. But what makes one acceptable to do business with, and another to be targeted for destruction? Isn't it time to be honest with ourselves and admit that an ally is a friend, only as long as they serve the policy objectives of U.S. foreign policy?

As we rapidly approach the year anniversary of 911, what has been realistically achieved in eliminating the undistorted dangers that threaten our country? While we have all been subjected to months of emotional manulipation, what has changed in official policy that gives substance to genuine national security?

Recently the New York Times published an account of proposed invasion plans called CetCom Courses of Action. Leaking such information usually means the disinformation machine is in full gear. News of this report came on the same day the United Nations failed to reach an agreement with Iraq which would allow U.N. weapons inspectors to re-enter the country. The Bush administration publically wants to play down this story, but it serves a purpose that keeps fanning the fire for hostilities.

In another report from in the The Observer, we read that Jordan will be the 'jumping-off' point for an attack that could involve up to 250,000 American troops and forces from Britain and other key US allies. Although Marwan Moasher, the Jordanian Foreign Minister, denied the presence of any American troops in his country, government sources confirmed that major manoeuvres involving the American and Jordanian forces took place in March. Moasher issued denials after the Lebanese daily Al Safir reported that 2,000 American forces in Jordan are preparing to carry out military operations against Iraq.

Whatever the tactics or strategy being considered, no one should underestimate the danger of escalation in perpetual war for virtual peace. Enter into this equation, the current mission of Minister Louis Farrakhan's visit to Baghdad. Calypso Louie, to his distracters has invariably been maligned for his activism. Could it be that he possesses a threat to the forces supporting current foreign policy?

Contemplate this assessment from BlackElectorate.com - Understanding Minister Farrakhan's Middle East and African Peace Mission

In the event that a Black voting bloc could be melded with an Arab/immigrant voting bloc there is a enough in terms of voting power (at present supplied more by Blacks) and campaign finance(at present supplied more by the Arab and Immigrant Muslim community) and public opinion, to grow the currently close to 70 member - "Palestinian sympathetic" delegation in Congress to the lower 3-digits in size. Include a Latino/Hispanic contingent that will increasingly be demonized in the "war on terrorism" and sufficient power has been cobbled together to virtually guarantee a more even-handed U.S. policy in the Middle East.

Now consider Farrakhan's own words:

"Secondly, and equally important, it is our desire to help our own government to see the danger in the course that our government is on in preparing a war to unseat Saddam Hussein from power and giving instructions to the CIA that he should be overthrown and possibly murdered. While on the surface this may seem to the American people to be the right thing to do, as Saddam Hussein has been and is being portrayed in the American media as a man worthy to be unseated because he allegedly is developing weapons of mass destruction, he has gassed his own people and he has kicked the UN weapons inspectors out of Iraq to keep them from seeing his cache of weapons of mass destruction. Therefore, a man like this must be overthrown, from the administration's perspective and from the perspective of Senator (John) McCain of Arizona and many of America's congresspersons; he's (Hussein) considered a clear and present danger and therefore is justified in being eliminated.

But I ask, what is the truth of these allegations? Is it a fact that he is this, or is this propaganda to whip the American people into a war frenzy and to stir up the passion of the American military for war? What is this? Can truth be found on the battlefield, or should truth be found in deliberate legislative bodies in lawfully constituted judicial processes. We totally disagree with the policy of murder and war, which runs counter to all civilized judicial processes. In a speech made by President Lyndon Johnson in 1965, he said, "Our mission is at once the oldest and the most basic in this country, to right wrong, to do justice, to serve man." What is our mission today? I would ask President Bush, before any order is given to assassinate Saddam Hussein or overthrow his government, that we need to ascertain the truth or the falsity of the charges."

Is there a meaningful message in these words, for traditional conservatives that seek a balanced foreign policy? Reflect upon those in the Bush administration, who eagerly promote necessary collision with Hussein. Diplomatic efforts don't serve their interests, they WANT WAR. Ask yourself, who benefits from this impending conflict? When patriotic Americans surrender their fidelity to an impetuous psyche, based upon deceitful policies, the nation is endangered. Going to war against Saddam Hussein only serves Zionism. The state of Israel has very different goals than ours. America's interests are not the same as theirs. Isn't is more important that we pursue unfeigned security for our own country? When American troops are unleashed against Iraq, what benefit will we gain?

SARTRE - July 7, 2002


The 'War of Terror'

Are you sick of hearing about 911? By now most folks can’t remember a time before Homeland Security. The media doesn’t just have an agenda, they have no other news. EVERYTHING is related to that fateful day. Over and over the guilt trips are set and the implication that if you don’t cede your rational capacity to the collective will, you are disloyal. Unquestionably the country has long passed the denial stage and has entered into a constant hallucinatory state.

Spend any amount, endure every loss of freedom and pay homage to the dictatorship that keeps us safe. We aren’t fighting a war against terror, it has become a "war of terror". Conducting a civil conversation with ardent supporters of the warmongering council is like begging for water from a man dying of thirst. He would rather kill you before he gives up or even shares part of his core possession. In this case, the liquid of essence is a symbiotic potion, that promises to provide continuous survival.

Political discourse no longer tolerates dissent, if the form of that disagreement rejects the axiom of the current controlled culture. Since there has never been a serious and comprehensive national dialogue on the events that led up to and including that fateful day - September 11, 2001 - we are pressured to accept the official folklore. Listing the essential questions that deserve inquiry would compile a book. The public would never place such an account on the best seller list. They are far too content to just believe whatever they are told to accept.

So why raise one’s blood pressure to fight with the inevitable? Well, the basic answer is found in the annals of history. With the passing of decades and even centuries, the truth begins to seep out. For those alive during the events, gainsaying is heresy. Most won’t take the risk of getting into trouble, so going along is easy and safe. Since establishing safety is the hallmark of the terrorism war, "security of illusion" becomes the primary goal.

The entire argument for permanent national anxiety requires that there always will be a targeted enemy. The pronunciation of the names and features of the face will change, but the fundamental ingredient must remain. "It’s them against us". When the us becomes the real them and someone points that out - that daring person won’t be listened to - by the majority of the us.

Painting legitimate inquiry as simply conspiratorial is asinine. What exactly is the function of an investigative committee if it refuses to ask or research the essential questions? Furthering the cover-up has become the primary qualification for selection to such august bodies. So let’s mature as a nation, allow the chips to drop where they deserve to fall. With so much unpleasant emotionalism and official stonewalling, the prospects for a comprehensive investigation are slim to none. It’s up to you to seek the truth, even at the risk of ridicule.

Consider the information on the following sites:


2) Expose the Deception

3) 911 from What Really Happened

4) Questioning the 9/11 attacks

5) The Webfairy Memorial

Since few will want to devote the time, effort or face their sensibilities; most will ignore this approach. As long as the public remains dumb, they will continue to be docile. Thus, you have an unmistakable summary why this country refuses to confront the implausible.

If you haven’t learned that ‘perceived reality’ is the result of manufactured media design, your understanding of how Howard Dean went from as assured nomination to the pits of oblivion, is painfully lacking. That reversal of fortunes was accomplished in a week. Think about the endless 24 hour news cycle that pounds day and night the orthodox version of the 911 events.

Notice that any other lines of inquiry are immediately smeared as coming out of the mouths of kooks. If you routinely read the international press you should be aware that only the United States holds to the government accounts. Well, does it sound reasonable that every investigative journalist around the globe is a crackpot?

If politicians base a campaign upon lies to win an election, what would make you think that they repent when taking office? Real conservatives appreciate the frustration from the quixotic progressive camp with the deceit from the Bush administration. But where were they when their role model Clinton was lying and covering up his treason? The fraud has always been bipartisan and systemic. Now it has spread from the media evangelism to the entire general population.

The government is waging a War of Terror upon us. As long as most of the public remains confused about what constitutes "us" (the us in not the same as the U.S.), they will continue to foster the deceit with their complicity. Whether you are tired of hearing about the WTC and the Pentagon attacks, you will be subjected to the consequences coming out of that day. Demanding the truth is not unreasonable. Remaining - stupid is . . . as stupid does - so says that American folk hero. In this case, Forrest Gump was a sage compared to the populace!

SARTRE - February 17, 2004


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