Terrorism is home grown and exported abroad

Are you getting enough of the excitement? Is your ring side seat watching the glorious liberation close enough for you? And how about the body count? WOW! It can’t get any better then this . . .

Or can it? Underlying all the reports and rhetoric lies, lays a common thread that most would deny and will hate to have exposed. When all the facades are stripped away, the reality that people enjoy the carnage that stares directly in the face of anyone honest enough to admit the truth. The cultural disconnect that has infected the public is a disease that defines the real SARS - Sick Apathetic Ruinous Society.

The length and degree that nominal conservatives go to justify their rationalization defy credulity. If the Iraq invasion is a Just War, watch out for the following colonial adventures. If the Iraq conquest is a Liberation, be prepared for the rest of the world to be freed. If the Iraq incursion is about the removal from terrorist hands WMD, the ensuing list will be endless. Despite, which argument or rationale you buy into, the facts of this conflict have already proven that the actual offense of the Iraqi “rogue regime” is that it defies the NWO, which has become the official policy of the United States government.

How ironic that jingoist plastic flag wavers, many claiming a family lineage that have red necks, are the first to acclaim that they support the troops. Their version of love for country shifts from traditional conservative principles of limited government and real national defense, to enlist in the armies of a crusade to eradicate the Islamic. They love to “wave the bloody shirt” because its fun being a mercenary and spraying those rounds upon anyone who resists being set free! For these Yahoos doing the dirty work and serving the interests of the Likudniks makes no difference, they are wearing U.S. uniforms . . .

Then you have the NeoCons, who want to sell you on the idea that they are real conservatives. This sham insults one’s intelligence. Proponents of big government and worshipers of state, they want to destroy the last remnants of the Republic, demolish our Bill of Rights and obliterate the genuine national security. They are the interventionists caring the torch of FDR and LBJ. They are the Wilsonian internationalists. yes, the NeoCons are the “Judas Goat” that infiltrated the GOP so that they could pervert it into the image of democratic collectivism.  Their policies hardly resemble the fine tradition of America First, and those great Americans who fought against the internal treason that sold out our country to the forces of elitism.

But the best are the holy rollers who are infested with Dispensationalist Dementia, who grovel at the feet of Zionists, in the name of their Savior, while they bolster a Likud Central Committee Party for a Greater Israel policy and can’t wait for the third temple to be erected. Christ’s words are all too easily ignored if they conflict with devotion to their false doctrine. "My prayer is not that you take them out of the world but that you protect them from the evil one." - Jesus Christ, John 17:15, NAS

These fools don’t even know that the Semites inhabiting the Zionist State are not the real Israel. Makes one wonder if they think Pilate condemned Jesus? Let no belief jeopardize their tax exempt status is their prime dogma! We can’t wait for Armageddon is their motto - Ariel Sharon is our king . . . and Binyamin Netanyahu is his heir!

While this gang of three are the main proponents for the WAR Party, the majority of half-wits that called themselves Americans, are the fodder that feed this beast. If you have any doubt of the insatiable ability of the populace to forget or to deny history, revisit the lessons in THE WAR FOR TRUTH:

“WE HAD a great day," said Sgt Eric Schrumpf of the US Marines last Saturday. "We killed a lot of people."

He added: "We dropped a few civilians, but what do you do?" He said there were women standing near an Iraqi soldier, and one of them fell when he and other Marines opened fire. "I'm sorry," said Sgt Schrumpf, "but the chick was in the way".

Is this the son, in whom you are so pleased?

John Pilger has it correct:

In the years since Vietnam, the Americans have invaded and caused, directly and through stooges, great suffering in many other countries, but none tells us more about the current war than their enduring atrocity in Vietnam, known as the first "media war".

Like their attack on Iraq, their invasion of Vietnam was accompanied by a racist contempt for the people. The Vietnamese were "gooks" and "slits" who would never fight, who would be crushed within weeks. As in Iraq today, the uncensored evidence of America's killing was not shown on TV but covered up.

The mastery of deceit that the globalist have attained, is reflected in the hordes of idiots that rally for an unnecessary and unwarranted war. Their case is not based upon a valid self interest, but upon nauseous self gratification. Is it any wonder that ruling elites fear terror - since they are the creators of their New World Order system of tyranny? What the public is unwilling to face is that, this very terror is directed upon our own people, by the manipulators of the world community. So why would a sane and loyal citizen of the Republic, wage the war on humanity when they should be defending the meaning of America, against the Mattoid elites that seek total world domination.

Folks, a real conservative understands who the true enemy is: The NeoCon is a Jingoist who wants to be a Likudnik. You can’t defend America and follow their lead.

So what will it be my fellow Americans? Play the parlor video game is Saddam really dead, don’t you just love the coverage and all those explosions? Or are you willing to grow up and face reality. You can’t safeguard our own nation by imposing Pox Americana world rule. But that is exactly the scam, you are getting, from the ‘TC’ totalitarian collectivists. While you are being absorbed and amused, the toll of death escalates. As long as you enjoy who cares, it’s not me. Now, even girls can have fun . . .

As long are the borders remain open we will never be secure. Back home, the U.S. prison population has topped 2 million for the first time, record numbers were driven by a 5.4% increase in local jail prisoners and a 2.8% increase in the federal prison population. Quite an example for liberation! Since 911, you can depend on those percentages to rise dramatically. If you are unable to understand the connection between foreign conquest and domestic incarceration, you have swallowed the bait and now the NeoCons have you hooked on their message of concealment. The Bill of Right won’t save you any longer, it’s gone. The courts won’t grant relief, they have camps that need to be filled. And if you think our troops will come home and set us free, they only follow orders . . . and the Eric Schrumpf’s just love having more Good Days! If you not satisfied yet, with all this fun, don’t fret - Syria and Iran are coming up soon.

SARTRE - April 9, 2003


Smoke and Mirrors?


Our holy father, President George W. Bush has embarked on a quest that will muster the faithful of righteousness against the forces of darkness. Or so we are led to believe. Where have we heard such appeals to fight a bitter war to make the world safe for Democracy. This time the only resemblance to democratic self determination is a required acceptance of the New World Order.

American Foreign Policy seldom changes no matter who holds office. The model of Woodrow Wilson is very much alive, and President Bush is faithful to its tenants.

"Woodrow Wilson's  foreign policy was based on an altruistic yearning to impart the benefits of constitutional democracy on other nations. To his detractors, his approach was seen as being condescending and naive. His noble intentions did not prevent him from exercising military force when he ordered the seizure of the port of Veracruz as a way of aiding a counterrevolution in Mexico and later sending an expedition into Mexico in pursuit of Pancho Villa. Wilson's core belief that a "moral force controlled the relations of peace" would shape his attitude and actions during World War I, and most definitively, in its aftermath, when he sought US participation in a world league."

The NWO has historically been used by internationalists to describe their goal to unite the globe politically, economically and culturally. As we are told that terrorism has become the greatest threat to the entire world, we are being prepared for the further conflicts against an "axis of evil". But when have criminal acts been transformed into a crusade against every country that opposes the demands of the global community. We were told that the perpetrators of 911 must be brought to justice. Most would fully agree with that objective. Now the mission is to eliminate any nation that harbors and assists those elements that are remotely connected or have sympathy for their cause. Anyone see a similarity with the Wilson approach for world peace?

Even in the infamous Fourteen Points, self-determination was the cornerstone of purpose for the world peace that it would bring. While the Wilson model has proven to be most resilient, has it produced any semblance in deeds with all the lofty promises that would follow from accepting its directives?

Bush seems to be playing the role of a 21th century William Gladstone and Edmund Burke, in the cloak of Pope Urban II. The fervor that the American public has showered upon the war time leader is understandable. But is anyone willing to question the wisdom and practicality of throwing down the gantlet to use or loose those weapons of mass destruction?

No one disputes the ill intentions of North Korea, or the repressive regime that rules like a feudal fiefdom. But is a public challenge the best way to curb the risks that we all seek to diminish?

Wilson was an advocate of a federation of nations under the rubric know as democracies. Now Bush pushes the stakes to reflect the 'world community' vision, as an even more comprehensive extension of a league of nations. The need for individual self-determination may sound like a worthy goal, but let no country attempt to act in a manner that opposes the will of international rule.

Peace has never been the objective of the United Nations or the foreign policies of the major powers. As long as forced compliance under their regulations are required for acceptability into the club, constant conflict will be assured. For the proponents of engagement to admit that their efforts have failed, is the only alternative the rattling of sabers that may well spill over into a river of blood?

World stability offers a desired reward for average people. It is a natural hope for mankind. But who truly believes that the course to cordial relations resides upon the ashes of continual reciprocation. If every advocate in the world dedicated to the overthrow of the NWO shrunk into a docile feline, would the interests that serve the 'world community', allow the self-determination of those that reject the order that produces so much disorder?

Wilson had his Colonel Edward House to steer the rudder of state. Bush has a CFR crowd to give advice. Is there anyone who dares argue against the policies in the Wilsonian tradition? Seems that having the courage to challenge the 'stop at the water's edge' bipartisan dogma, is the kiss of death to any career.

We have heard the calls to add Bush Jr alongside the bust of Teddy Roosevelt. Rushmore doesn't need another tyrant joining Abe and TR. There is only one George and his name ends in Washington. Icons can easily become false images, especially when their canons betray the populist interest.

It was Wilson who said: "I am going to teach the South American republics to elect good men". Now we are supposed to accept the Bush doctrine. "Either you are with us, or you are with the terrorists."  Well, what about the sane and loyal citizens who are against the terrorists, but fear you are joining their ranks?  Involvement in world affairs does not mean you need to wage a crusade of 'engagement and enlargement' that seeks to dominate the entire spectrum of political interests.

We sincerely want to eliminate the terror of indiscriminate violence that has become institutionalized throughout the world. But Wilson's tenets of applied force to convert advocates into admirers of Americans as liberating heroes has caused more hostility than friendship. Subjugate, conquer and assimilate is not exactly a fine example of how to achieve self-determination.

If Bush views himself as St George on a consecrated mission, his campaign to eliminate the heretics who hate America, will fail to slay this dragon. President Bush, is the son of his New World Order father. Wilson lives within this clan. And there will be no rescue of the fair princess, nor will the pagans convert to orthodoxy out of thanks for being saved.

There needs to be a different way to conduct affairs on the world stage. The Wilson policies of the last century have failed miserably. Further continuation under Bush only compounds the hatred and ensures constant war. Justice demands accountability for criminal acts. But who will become the next official criminal? On to Latin and South America! Back up San Juan Hill, Cuba needs to be free . . .  At what point does the 'international community' become the serpent? Well, some of us view the cure worse than the disease. Let's relegate crusades to a former era. The real conversion is needed back home.

SARTRE - February 2, 2002



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