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911 a saga of deceit and lies


If the events on September 11, 2001 changed the world forever, isn't it essential to understand what really happened ?

Russian Expert Confirms Nukes Beneath New York WTC

Active Thermitic Material Discovered in Dust from the 9/11 World Trade Center Catastrophe

Journal of 9/11 Studies

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9/11 testimony of 'Inconvenient Patriot' implicates Dennis Hastert, other top officials in al Qaeda-related bribery scandal by Mike Mejia


While those of us looking to reopen the 9–11 inquiry have much to be encouraged about with the recent clues put out by Sibel Edmonds, we are once again disappointed with the tepid response of the corporate media, and frankly, the nonresponse of much of the Internet community (Where are Buzzflash, Josh Marshall, Daily KOS and Juan Cole on this issue?) Beyond Online Journal, Antiwar.com and Democracy Now, these stunning allegations have received scant coverage. Yet, if Ms. Edmonds is correct—and Republican Senator Charles Grassley calling her 'credible' is a strong indicator that she is—then at this very moment, our nuclear secrets are being sold to the very alleged terrorists our government claims to be chasing down in Afghanistan and Iraq.

31 aug 05 @ 7:05 am edt 

Israel and 9/11: New Report Connects the Dots by Justin Raimondo

The author of this memorandum [.pdf] is Gerald Shea, a retired corporate lawyer. Shea – an alumnus of Phillips Academy (1960), Yale (1964), and Columbia Law School (1967) – was associated for many years with one of New York's most prominent law firms, in New York and Paris, and his memo reads like a lawyer's brief: it is written with the same meticulous attention to details of time and place, and with a lawyerly regard for maintaining a high standard of evidence.

31 aug 05 @ 6:08 am edt 

The 911 North Tower Demolition Explained by Jon Carlson
Review of videotape recordings of the collapse taken from various angles indicates that the transmission tower on top of the structure began to move downward and laterally slightly before movement was evident at the exterior walls. This suggests that collapse began with one or more failures in the central core area of the building.
29 aug 05 @ 7:47 am edt 

On the Heels Of Death Threats Coming Out Of Washington, WTC Janitor Has Jersey City Apartment Burglarized by Greg Szymanski
“I just received this email this morning, warning that someone who fits my description is going to be targeted,” said Rodriguez, concerning the communication highly sensitve communication he received from John Caylor, a friend of Madsen who is spreading the word to others potentially in danger.
Although Rodriguez’s story has been told freely without censorship overseas in a number of foreign markets, the American media as well as the 9/11 Commission has seen fit to suppress his story, a story that very well could lead to pinning the Bush administration with high-crimes related to the 9/11 cover-up.
29 aug 05 @ 7:41 am edt 

IGNORING 9-11- Mainstream Press Avoids Sept. 11 Hero’s Testimony by Christopher Bollyn
In amazement and awe, audiences hang on every word of William Rodriguez when he speaks about his experiences of Sept. 11, 2001. The compelling testimony of the former custodian of the World Trade Center, in which he clearly describes a huge explosion occurring in the basement of the North Tower seconds before the plane struck the building, demolishes the government version of events as completely as the explosions that pulverized the twin towers.
29 aug 05 @ 7:10 am edt 

9/11 Ringleader connected to secret Pentagon operation by Dr. Daniele Ganser
We bring to the attention of our readers this important analysis of Dr. Daniele Ganser of the Zurich Polytechnic published by the International Relations and Security Network (ISN). Dr Ganser's study is based on official US documents and reports. It  identifies the role of  9/11 ringleader Mohammed Atta and 3 other hijackers in a secret Pentagon operation. It largely refutes the official US government narrative as presented by the  9/11 Commission.

28 aug 05 @ 3:45 pm edt 

Ex-Bush Staffer Coming to Portland to Discuss ''9/11 as INSIDE JOB"


Reynolds: "The one towering fact is that the 9/11 research community can prove beyond a reasonable doubt that professional demolition brought down the three trade center buildings WTC 1, WTC2 & WTC7. These unprecedented collapses in steel-framed skyscrapers bear all the earmarks of demolition. The jetliner attacks might be described as diversions that facilitated and covered the primary attacks via demolition... 'If demolition destroyed three steel skyscrapers at the World Trade Center on 9/11, then the case for an 'inside job' and a government attack on America would be compelling.'"

26 aug 05 @ 1:15 pm edt 

9/11: Seven Major Essays


(1) Former Bush Team Member Says WTC Collapse Likely a Controlled Demolition.
(2) Why Did the Trade Center Skyscrapers Collapse? by Morgan Reynolds
(3) Former MI5 Agent Says 9/11 an “inside job”
(4) Mike Ruppert at the Commonwealth Club in San Francisco
(5) David Ray Griffin Reveals Major 9/11 Cover-up on C-SPAN
(6) Full 9/11 report by Webster Tarpley
(7) Eye Witness Testimony to collapse of North Tower from Controlled Demolition

26 aug 05 @ 6:51 am edt 

The spinning of the smoking guns: More pre-9/11 US intelligence connections to al-Qaeda exposed and spun by Larry Chin
In recent weeks, two "revelations" of pre-9/11 US military-intelligence relationships with al-Qaeda "terrorists" and Osama bin Laden are being used as cannon fodder in an intensifying power struggle between rival political factions vying to seize the "war on terrorism" agenda for their own, and deepen the cover-up of 9/11.
25 aug 05 @ 7:30 am edt 

High-Ranking Army Officer - Missile Hit Pentagon by Greg Szymanski
A radiation expert and high-ranking Army Major, who once headed the military's depleted uranium project, both contend the Pentagon was hit by missile, not a commercial jetliner, adding high radiation readings after the strike indicate depleted uranium also may have been used.
19 aug 05 @ 8:00 am edt 

Army Intel Unit Exposes Massive FBI 911 Cover-Up by Daniel Hopsicker
Now you can hear it from an elite Army intelligence unit, one with at least several patriots with very large cojones. Their testimony is clear, explicit, and uncompromisingly contradicts the FBI's official story. Only one conclusion can be drawn from it...
16 aug 05 @ 9:53 am edt 

Able Danger - now they tell us by Jack Kelly
Able Danger was a military intelligence unit set up by Special Operations Command in 1999. A year before the 9/11 attacks, Able Danger identified hijack leader Mohamed Atta and the other members of his cell. But Clinton administration officials stopped them -- three times -- from sharing this information with the FBI.
15 aug 05 @ 7:24 am edt 

The Rest Of The 911 Flight 93 Story by Jon Carlson
Here is what CNN reports about the white jet sighting in DC:
About 10 minutes ago, there was a white jet circling overhead. Now, you generally don't see planes in the area over the White House. That is restricted air space. No reason to believe that this jet was there for any nefarious purposes, but the Secret Service was very concerned, pointing up at the jet in the sky. It is out of sight now, best we can tell. They've evacuated the entire White House staff and the old executive office, as well as some townhouses that are government offices.
12 aug 05 @ 6:56 am edt 

9/11 Revisionism, Revisited by Justin Raimondo
In December, 2001, Carl Cameron did a four-part series on Fox News that detailed extensive Israeli spying in the U.S., a report that proved prescient in light of recent developments, and he started out his riveting account with a bang:
12 aug 05 @ 6:33 am edt 

The 9-11 Op-Ed the Atlanta Journal-Constitution Refuses to Run by Rep. CYNTHIA McKINNEY
Your recent article ("McKinney reopens 9/11" July 23, 2005, by Bob Kemper) covering a day-long Congressional briefing on July 22 was totally misleading in claiming that it consisted of "conspiracy theories implicating president [Bush]." The actual title was ""The 9/11 Commission Report One Year Later: A Citizens' Response ­ Did They Get it Right?" and not a single panelist at the event, which included 9/11 family members, former intelligence and government workers, whistleblowers and academic experts, raised any allegations that the Bush administration arranged the 9/11 attacks.
10 aug 05 @ 8:33 pm edt 

Four in 9/11 Plot Are Called Tied to Qaeda in '00 by DOUGLAS JEHL
More than a year before the Sept. 11 attacks, a small, highly classified military intelligence unit identified Mohammed Atta and three other future hijackers as likely members of a cell of Al Qaeda operating in the United States, according to a former defense intelligence official and a Republican member of Congress.
10 aug 05 @ 7:35 am edt 

9/11 ON TRIAL by Tony Rennell
Towers that fell ‘like a controlled demolition’.  Planes that vanished then mysteriously reappeared,  And crucial evidence that has been lost for ever.  A new book raises bizarre yet deeply unsettling questions about the world’s worst terror atrocity…..
9 aug 05 @ 6:22 am edt 



The presence in the United States of a number of young Israelis, most of whom had specialized military and intelligence backgrounds, in the months prior to 911 is a subject that has received inadequate attention from the major U.S. media and government investigators. The activities of the Israelis fell into two main areas: the casing of the offices and homes of Federal law enforcement officials, U.S. military bases, and other sensitive sites by Israeli “art students” during 2000 and 2001 and the unusual activities of Israeli “movers” around sensitive areas during and after 911. These incidents occurred in tandem with the suspiscious activities of other former Israeli military and intelligence officials in neighboring countries, including Canada and Mexico, after 911. In addition, a number of Israeli intelligence agents were apprehended abroad for passport violations and other illegal activities.

8 aug 05 @ 11:28 am edt 

Bush Insider Claim WTC Collapse Bogus Gets 'Huge Response' by Greg Szymanski
"The government's collapse theory is highly vulnerable on its own terms. Only professional demolition appears to account for the full range of facts associated with the collapse of the three buildings.
 "More importantly, momentous political and social consequences would follow if impartial observers concluded that professionals imploded the WTC. Meanwhile, the job of scientists, engineers and impartial researchers everywhere is to get the scientific and engineering analysis of 9/11 right."
3 aug 05 @ 6:54 am edt 

KOCO-TV Suppresses an Explosive 9/11 News Report
In the fall of 2001, a librarian at the University of Oklahoma in Norman (OU) told me that she was present when the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) conducted an interview about the fact that an airline ticket for a 9/11 hijacker was purchased from a computer terminal at that school’s library. She said it was for United Flight 93, which crashed in Pennsylvania.
1 aug 05 @ 6:20 am edt 

Beyond Downing Street Town Hall Meeting - featuring Nafeez M. Ahmed
In The War on Truth - the long-awaited sequel to The War on Freedom: How and Why America was Attacked, September 11, 2001 - Nafeez Ahmed provides the most comprehensive and controversial critique of the government's official version of what happened on 9/11.
1 aug 05 @ 6:17 am edt 

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