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911 a saga of deceit and lies


If the events on September 11, 2001 changed the world forever, isn't it essential to understand what really happened ?

Russian Expert Confirms Nukes Beneath New York WTC

Active Thermitic Material Discovered in Dust from the 9/11 World Trade Center Catastrophe

Journal of 9/11 Studies

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9-11 Bottom Line: Explosives in the WTC by Victor Thorn
The ultimate smoking-gun CAUSE of 9-11 are the bombs which a bloodthirsty cabal of monsters set inside the WTC towers. This crucial point becomes even more vital now that Kevin Ryan of Underwriters Laboratory challenged the “accepted” theory that burning jet fuel weakened the WTC’s steel supports. This disclosure, when coupled with Larry Silverstein’s admission that WTC7 was “pulled”, the burning pools of molten steel which remained in the WTC’s sub-basement five weeks after this tragedy, and Scott Forbes revelations in 9-11 Exposed about a WTC power-down on the weekend before 9-11, gives us enough ammunition to finally go after these psychotic madmen.
26 nov 04 @ 10:02 pm est 

Are The American People That Dumb? by George Paxinos
Then came the story of an intact passport being found in the street outside the ruins of the WTC, thrown out of one of the gigantic fireballs, the passport of one of the alleged hijackers who must have been in the very cockpit crushed by entry into the building and then consumed by the fireball allegedly hot enough to have melted the steel supports of the building, even though chemistry gives a different burning temperature, especially in an oxygen-low, fuel-rich atmosphere -- grosser Gott! -- could the American people swallow ... (gulp!) ... even THAT?
25 nov 04 @ 4:51 pm est 

THE 9/11 CONSPIRACY 24 nov 04 @ 7:52 pm est 

A Conservative Christian Republican says listen to whistleblower Sibel D. Edmonds by Karl W. B. Schwarz
The following is an open letter to Eliot Spitzer, Attorney General for the State of New York and William Casey, Chief Investigator for the Attorney General?s Office. In fact, this was hand delivered to Mr. Spitzer's office before it was published as was a three-part expose I have written titled Pop Goes the Bush Mythology Bubble. That three-part article will break soon and is in the hand of investigators at this time.
22 nov 04 @ 8:27 am est 

Whitewash as Public Service
How The 9/11 Commission Report defrauds the nation
Posted on Friday, November 12, 2004. Originally from Harper's Magazine, October 2004. By Benjamin DeMott.
17 nov 04 @ 4:47 pm est 

9/11 Families speak out on secret NIST Meeting on Building Codes
Kevin Ryan, site manager of the Environmental Health Laboratories, was fired today by the parent company, Underwriters Laboratories, apparently for writing a letter questioning certain common theories of the Twin Towers collapses to the leader of the U.S. government NIST team researching the World Trade Center events..."
17 nov 04 @ 4:39 pm est 

Phillip Zelikow on the 9/11 Commission Report
The final report of the 9/11 commission has been on The New York Times paperback bestseller list for weeks now, and it's been nominated for the prestigious National Book Award. NPR's Tavis Smiley speaks with Phillip D. Zelikow, the 9/11 report's principal author, about the writing style used, how he was initially brought on to the project and how he answers the report's critics.
16 nov 04 @ 7:10 am est 

WTC Construction Manager: Towers Were Designed to Take Numerous Plane Crashes
Frank A. DeMartini, Manager, WTC Construction and Project Management, discusses the fact that the WTC towers were designed to take multiple hits from airliners and not collapse, comparing it to poking a pencil through fly netting, DeMartini was adament that the towers would not collapse. DeMartini died in the towers on 9/11, this interview clip was taken from video shot in January 2001.
15 nov 04 @ 10:01 am est 

Debunker Attacks WTC 7 Evidence on MSNBC's Countdown
Debunker Attacks WTC 7 Evidence on MSNBC's CountdownTuesday's MSNBC 'Countdown With Keith Olbermann' show featured a professor who sought to debunk the fact that Building 7 was demolished artificially by explosives.
Larry Silverstein admitted on a September 2002 PBS documentary, 'America Rebuilds' that they decided to 'pull' WTC 7 on the day of the attack. The word 'pull' is industry jargon for taking a building down with explosives.
11 nov 04 @ 5:14 pm est 

Fox News Series On Israeli Spying In The US Found - Jason Collett
Want to see the FOX NEWS 4 part series on Israeli Spying in the US and see why Carl Cameron says "How could they NOT have known?" (about when, how, where, & by whom 911 happened)
10 nov 04 @ 4:09 pm est 

Part of 9/11 Report Remains Unreleased; An Inquiry Is Begun by Jim Dwyer
One last chapter of the investigation by the Sept. 11 commission, a supplement completed more than two months ago, has not yet been made public by the Justice Department, and officials say it is unlikely to be released before the presidential election, even though that had been a major goal of deadlines set for the panel.
1 nov 04 @ 8:30 am est 

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