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911 a saga of deceit and lies


If the events on September 11, 2001 changed the world forever, isn't it essential to understand what really happened ?

Russian Expert Confirms Nukes Beneath New York WTC

Active Thermitic Material Discovered in Dust from the 9/11 World Trade Center Catastrophe

Journal of 9/11 Studies

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9-11 Mysteries Remain by Christopher Bollyn
Many local residents believe the plane was shot down, which they say would explain why parts of the plane and its contents were found strewn over a large area. One question, “is what happened to the physical wreckage of the plane?” “There was no plane,” Ernie Stull, mayor of Shanksville, told German television in March 2003.
19 sep 04 @ 9:29 pm edt 

Government Insider Says Bush Authorized 911 Attacks - Thomas Buyea
Stanley Hilton: We are suing Bush, Condoleezza Rice, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Mueller, etc. for complicity in personally not only allowing 9/11 to happen but in ordering it. The hijackers we retained and we had a witness who is married to one of them. The hijackers were U.S. undercover agents. They were double agents, paid by the FBI and the CIA to spy on Arab groups in this country. They were controlled. Their landlord was an FBI informant in San Diego and other places. And this was a direct, covert operation ordered, personally ordered by George W. Bush. Personally ordered. We have incriminating evidence, documents as well as witnesses, to this effect.
19 sep 04 @ 9:02 am edt 

Review: 911 In Plane Site by William Lewis
Whether or not you believe the official story surrounding the events of September 11, 2001, it is impossible to walk away, having seen "911 In Plane Site," and still believe that terrorists wielding box cutters were the masterminds behind the single most horrific terrorist act ever carried out against the citizens of the United States of America.
16 sep 04 @ 5:39 pm edt 

National Security Experts Blast Bush and 9-11 Commission
Omission is one of the major flaws in the Commission’s report. We are aware of significant issues and cases that were duly reported to the commission by those of us with direct knowledge, but somehow escaped attention.
14 sep 04 @ 5:36 pm edt 

9-11 Exposed Reviewed in American Free Press - Vince Ryan
What the naïve delegates and convention guests and speakers need to read is investigative writer Victor Thorn’s new book 9-11 Exposed. This hard-hitting, no-holds-barred chapbook is must reading for all AFP readers. It makes an excellent companion piece to AFP’s special investigative report, 50 Unanswered Questions About 9-11.
14 sep 04 @ 5:17 pm edt 

Infamy: Pearl Harbor, 911 and the Coming Outrage by Heather Wokusch
So where does all of this leave us as the third anniversary of 911 approaches? With more questions than answers. Whodunnit? Should we blame Osama and the hijackers, Saudi funders, Israeli intelligence agents, the Bush administration or some combination? And Whatdunnit? Was it airplanes, bombs, missiles, or some combination? And when will we ever learn the truth?
11 sep 04 @ 12:52 pm edt 

9/11 and the "War on Terrorism" by Michel Chossudovsky
"Millions of people have been misled regarding the causes and consequences of September 11.
When people across the US and around the World find out that Al Qaeda is not an outside enemy but a creation of US foreign policy and the CIA, the legitimacy of the bipartisan war agenda will tumble like a deck of cards." (Michel Chossudovsky, War and Globalization, The Truth behind September 11, 2002)
10 sep 04 @ 12:59 pm edt 

The 9/11 Truth Movement - Sander Hicks
"The climax arrives this week!” That’s the way the New York 9/11 Truth web site announced a series of events examining the unanswered questions of 9/11 that kicked off today at Manhattan’s Symphony Space. More events are planned, leading up to a major panel discussion at the Manhattan Ballroom on Saturday, Sept. 11 (for more info see the Summer of Truth web site).
10 sep 04 @ 7:10 am edt 

'Complete 9/11 Timeline' Book Published 10 sep 04 @ 6:59 am edt 

Wargames Were Cover For the Operational Execution of 9/11 by Alex Jones & Paul Joseph Watson

In May of 2001, by presidential order, Cheney was handed direct control of all wargame and drill operations. This meant he was solely in charge of the overlapping NORAD drills and wargames on the morning of 9/11, that prevented Standard Operating Procedure from being implemented, and any of the hijacked planes being intercepted.

The smoking guns of 9/11 are no longer disparate jigsaw pieces that serve to just raise more questions than they answer. We now have a coherent and plausible explanation of how the events unfolded, why there was no air defense response, and a prime suspect as to who executed these actions. The facts fit this version of events.

8 sep 04 @ 8:33 am edt 

The 911 Who-did-it
On August 31, 2004 Michael C. Ruppert gave a speech at the Common Wealth club in San Fransisco. He talked about the people who planned and carried out the 911 catastrophe( and it wasn't the 19 patsies), the folks from the Scoop news organization were there to report on it. "In my new book I will be making several key points:
5 sep 04 @ 6:12 pm edt 

In September of 2000, in a paper presented to the Project for a New American Century, a Jewish thinktank involved in linking the foreign policies of the United States and the Zionist Entity, Zakheim argued that "the process of transformation [of the USA into a Jewish state], even if it brings revolutionary change, is likely to be a long one, absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event - like a new Pearl Harbor." He then went on to advocate that American Jews must work with the Jews in the Zionist Entity to stage a major Pearl-Harbor like terrorist attack in order to force the US into "war" and then use "war powers" to launch a coup against any non-Jewish forces in the government.
3 sep 04 @ 5:30 pm edt 

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