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911 a saga of deceit and lies


If the events on September 11, 2001 changed the world forever, isn't it essential to understand what really happened ?

Russian Expert Confirms Nukes Beneath New York WTC

Active Thermitic Material Discovered in Dust from the 9/11 World Trade Center Catastrophe

Journal of 9/11 Studies

The US Military Knows Israel Was Behind the 9/11 False Flag Terrorism 21 may 16 @ 6:43 pm edt 

The Israeli 9/11 Connection - Israel did 911 Full Documentary 20 mar 16 @ 6:58 am edt 

9/11 - Anatomy of a Great Deception - Complete Version 13 mar 16 @ 9:36 am edt 

Trump promises full investigation of 9/11 if made President 14 feb 16 @ 11:37 am est 

Trump crosses the 9/11 line 14 feb 16 @ 11:12 am est 

9/11 World Trade Center Biggest Gold Heist in History: $300 Billion in Bars 6 feb 16 @ 6:01 am est 

Burning skyscrapers don't collapse 5 jan 16 @ 6:34 am est 

The 14 Art Students, it has now been confirmed, were in the World Trade Center Towers with Construction Passes, Connection to Mossad Spy Ring 1 jan 16 @ 7:34 pm est 

TRUMP: ISRAEL-DID-9/11 PROTESTOR IS A TRUMP GUY 24 dec 15 @ 6:07 am est 

911 Brainwashing Part 3 Pavlov's Dog 10 dec 15 @ 12:34 pm est 

Russia Today Declares 9/11 Was An Inside Job! 10 dec 15 @ 8:55 am est 

The Footage To End All 9/11 Debates 10 dec 15 @ 4:19 am est 

THIS WILL SHOCK YOU TO YOUR CORE: 9/11 From Cheney to Mossad


'Methodical Deception'. New information Rebekah Roth has recovered about the 9/11 false flag event will shock you to your core. This bombshell evidence destroys the "official story", forever. Israeli Mossad involvement in the 9/11 false flag attacks can no longer be denied.

4 dec 15 @ 8:03 am est 


An American scholar and journalist in Wisconsin says not only was the Zionist regime the primary force behind the 9/11 attacks, it was Israeli spies working for Mossad – not Arab Muslims – who celebrated the burning Twin Towers on September 11, 2001.

Dr. Kevin Barrett, a founding member of the Scientific Panel for the Investigation of 9/11, made the remarks in an interview with Press TV on Monday, a day after an international Jewish organization based in the US denounced Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s claim that dozens of Arab Muslims cheered as the World Trade Center collapsed on September 11 as unsubstantiated.

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24 nov 15 @ 3:43 pm est 


As for false-flag terrorism, such as 9-11 and other atrocities, there is an appalling lack of moral courage on the part of world leaders to stand up and say that we have been deceived about what happened on 9-11. The failure on the part of our political, religious, and academic leaders to challenge the false narrative of 9-11 has enabled the fraudulent “War on Terror” to go on, at great expense to our nations and societies.

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23 nov 15 @ 7:25 am est 

Investigation continues into whether CIA used airfield to build remote-control aircraft used on 9/11
Madsen recounts the story of author and former CIA pilot Philip Marshall, who was reportedly investigating “smoking gun” information about the air park and its relation to pre-9/11 activities just before his death in a tragic murder suicide.

Below, Madsen breaks down his investigation into whether the CIA used the airfield to build remote control aircraft which would later be flown into the World Trade Center buildings.
5 nov 15 @ 11:46 am est 

9/11 Truth and the Sound of Silence in Academia: “Critical Perspectives on 9/11 are Systematically Excluded from Universities.”

Independent German financial journalist Lars Schall talked with Adnan Zuberi, the director / producer of the documentary movie “9/11 in the Academic Community.“ Zuberi says: “Critical perspectives on 9/11 are systematically excluded from universities.” 

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4 sep 15 @ 1:24 pm edt 

“[The Israeli Mossad is] ruthless and cunning, with the capability to target U.S. forces and make it look like a Palestinian-Arab act.” -Report issued by the U.S. Army School of Advanced Military Studies (SAMS); September 2001
11 aug 15 @ 4:38 am edt 

9/11 Firefighters: Bombs and Explosions in the WTC
There are no references to supplementary explosions in the Official 9/11 Commission Final Report. Why did this "investigative commission" ignore facts relating to the World Trade Center collapses?
22 may 06 @ 7:13 am edt 

Media hide truth: 9/11 was inside job by Kevin Barret
Last Saturday, former Bush administration official Morgan Reynolds drew an enthusiastic capacity crowd to the Wisconsin Historical Society auditorium. It is probably the first time in Historical Society history that a political talk has drawn a full house on a Saturday afternoon at the beginning of final exams.
Reynolds, the former director of the Criminal Justice Center at the National Center for Policy Analysis, and the ex-top economist for George W. Bush's Labor Department, charged the Bush administration with gross malfeasance, and proposed the prosecution of top administration officials.
15 may 06 @ 6:30 am edt 

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