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"In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act." - George Orwell

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QA: 10/25 - 10/31
Abdullah Ahmad Badawi replaces Mahathir Mohamad, guess MM was right on who rules the world. - 10/31
Economy surging at a fast pace, but is this really prosperity? - 10/30
Bush refused to push a total ban on abortion, so where is the commitment to pro-life? - 10/29
Diebold threatens lawsuits against posting internal memos about their electronic voting machines. - 10/28
California burns every year, too many people squeezed together in paradise. - 10/27
Wolfowitz was lucky, his own policy could have put him in a body bag. - 10/26
Israelis won't be content until they level all of Gaza. - 10/25
Fri, October 31, 2003 | link 

VIEW: The Dollar is Doomed - 10/31/03
Thu, October 30, 2003 | link 

GG: Paranoia is home spun - 10/27/03 Mon, October 27, 2003 | link 

The site - HOPE - has been added to BATR
Visit HOPE
Sun, October 26, 2003 | link 

BATR - Nest Gem Treasures Fri, October 24, 2003 | link 

QA: 10/18 - 10/24

Now Serbia wants to join the EU, hope long before Russia becomes a member? - 10/24

Bush's visit to Australia proves his popularity isn't universal. - 10/23

Terri Schiavo back on feeding tube, partial birth abortion ban; finally a return to sanity. - 10/22 

Iran allows unrestricted inspections of its nuclear program, when will Israel do the same? - 10/21

Boston Archdiocese reach settlement, but with the culture of tolerance remain for abusers? - 10/20

N Korea to get a security pledge, having nukes pays off. - 10/19

UN won't send troops to Iraq, not safe for them, OK for US as the mess continues. - 10/18
Fri, October 24, 2003 | link 

SOLITARY: Albert Camus, Anarchism and the Individual - 10/22/03 Wed, October 22, 2003 | link 

BATR Bull: accepting submissions
If you are a hard right conservative columnist and would like to have your articles links appear on the front page of BREAKING ALL THE RULES, contact SARTRE from the Reach Me page.
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Mon, October 20, 2003 | link 

WRACK: Generals don't make good Presidents - 10/20/03 Mon, October 20, 2003 | link 

GULAG: A taikonaut and spy in the sky - 10/19/03 Mon, October 20, 2003 | link 

QA: 10/13 - 10/17
Aid to Iraq turns into loans for repayment, neo colonialism at work. - 10/17
25 years for the Pope, only two more till the end. - 10/16
China has a space cadet, don't worry they are a friend! - 10/15
Americans now dying in Gaza, won't be long before attacks spread worldwide. - 10/14
Getting close to finding Saddam, how many times have we heard that line? - 10/13
Fri, October 17, 2003 | link 

VIEW: When Old Time Radio Reigned - 10/17/03 Wed, October 15, 2003 | link 

BATR Bull: announcement
BATR accepting submissions 
If you are a hard right conservative columnists and would like to have your articles links appear on the front page of BREAKING ALL THE RULES, contact SARTRE from the Reach Me page.
Instructions will be returned to your email address. If you are not widely known, enclose a profile and specific details about your content.  
Now that BATR is located at:  http://batr.org  all our pages will have that root address. Comments welcomed from the reader remarks screen on the Reach Me page.
Sat, October 11, 2003 | link 

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The Death of Independence

July 4th has been the national birth date since the inception of the country. Americans want to celebrate past glories because there are few reasons to believe that the current government or society is worthy of rejoicing. Deifying the Founding Fathers and their wisdom usually is rooted upon the construction of a constitution based on separations of powers and shared authorities with individual states. Lost in this commemoration is the concept of true and lasting independence.

Read this article from The 'Reign of Terror' archives



 Americans Content with Loss of Freedom

Is it true that natural born citizens no longer cherish their personal freedom? What about the hordes of immigrant refugees that flock across our borders, do they have a desire to embrace the goals set down by the Founding Fathers or are these principles foreign to their mindset? Freedom is a concept that has many meaning to different peoples. However, the essence of historic and traditional freedom is always consistent with the way the individual is treated by the government that claims jurisdiction over their citizenship. Today, being a legal citizen matter little in a society that refuses to defend its borders and opens the floodgates to aliens who have as much in common with descendants of the original thirteen colonies as a transplant from a different galaxy.

Read this article from The 'Stuck on Stupid' archives



Totalitarian Collectivism

Impeachment Refusal Means Heads Will Roll


In case you are a rabid partisan supporter of the Obama administration, or forgot your history, Richard Nixon was charged for ostensibly the same offense, that President Obama’s loyal minion Lois Lerner oversaw. Joseph Curl writes in the Washington Times, IRS scandal gets Nixonian: The 18½-minute (or 26-month) gap.

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Answers and Solutions

Zionist Israel an International Pariah

Gaza has become a slaughter zone for the eradication of Palestinians with the most advanced military technology that Israel posses. In comparison the blaming of Hamas for this latest barrage of rockets, fails to recognize any proposition in the mutual savagery. Depending on one’s view just who is the unlawful belligerent, sympathy and condemnation follows. This eternal struggle will never end peacefully. Debating international law, dissecting historic claims, strategizing military options, analyzing diplomatic intentions, and especially honoring superior doctrine among conflicting religious beliefs is a formula that offers no solutions. Yet, Israel is wedded to an expansionist political objective. Extending settlements prevent any permanent settlement agreement.

Read this essay from The 'Radical Reactionary' archives


Without Liberty - Only Slavery
independence is the intrinsic nature of the human condition

The Ugly Face of the North American Union

For the last several years, the press on the disastrous North American Union has been off front-page news. Nonetheless, the plans to remove barriers and open up borders keeps chucking along. Those who belief this course is desirable or those who conclude that it is unpreventable because the climate of globalization is overpowering, are subversive collaborators of the NWO or gutless wimps that deserve to be run over by the hordes of barbarians that flood our country. 

Read this article from The 'Inherent Autonomy' archives


. . . 'Mattoid' grab of Globalism
The New World Order WAR against America

Obama Firing of Military Reminiscent of Stalin's Purge

The unprecedented removal from command, ending of military careers and forced retirements is a sign that a new reign of terror wants to weaken the armed forces. The civilian Obama command, bosses generals and admirals, as if they were lowly cooks or stewards. It is no wonder that resentment and disgust in the officer corps are at an all time high. Before long, the commander of collectivists will be deploying taste testers before he takes his meals.

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Sober Thought Provoking Essays

Jury Nullification Last Refuge for Justice

A society that ignores or downplays Liberty is a culture that has lost its purpose. In such a regime, the people are relegated to the whims of the State and every citizen is at risk of criminal prosecution. Imagine the most evil attorney, like John Milton from The Devil’s Advocate movie, as a DA. The irony that the initials for a District Attorney are the same as the title of the script should not be lost. Al Pacino’s Speech could be given in any courtroom by a zealot persecutor as a closing statement. 

Read this essay from The 'View from the Mount' archives


Provocative Satire - Intoxicating Creative Wit
Unlock the Meaning of Current Affairs

Dissecting U.S. Elections - the People vs. the Pols

The establishment has an entrenched interest in convincing the public that their vote in elections actually decides who is selected for public office. That same power elite runs and controls both Republican and Democratic political parties. Only a neophyte or a delusional idealist believes that the voting cycle reflects the will of the people. When reform candidates engage in the primary process, hoping to win the nomination from either of the two major parties, they face the stark reality that playing ball with the money bundlers means obeying the directives of masters of the universe. These overlords own politicians, especially those who continue in office by winning predetermined elections.

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vintage SARTRE commentary from the BATR

Nest Gems Site

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Corporatist Lobbying Replaced a Free Market

The practice of a pure free market is so rare that a plausible argument can be made that a free market economy never existed. However, as the saying goes, Once Upon A Time, economic commerce did reflect a voluntary basis for business transactions. The fortunes of trade rested upon the mutual benefit of all parties, since repeated satisfaction built sustaining economies. Competition was the norm and the quality of goods and services developed that propelled expanding growth and prosperity for the largest numbers of participating producers and consumers. In the corporatist economic model, the goal is to create and protect monopolies, while stamping out any enterprises that challenge the Plutocrat system.

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Neither a borrower nor a lender be

Russian Sanctions Backfire

The belief that calling for and instituting sanctions against Russia is a sound policy, illustrates the economic disconnect of the Obama administration. With the fervor for starting a new cold war, the propaganda machine is working overtime to paint a picture that ignores real economic synergism. Note the conflicting reports regarding the EU. Nine EU countries ready to block economic sanctions against Russia, quotes a diplomatic source to ITAR-TASS:


Read this article from The 'Negotium' archives

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Soltiary Purdah
philosophy and politics of the individual

Being an Existential Prepper

It may seem that an analysis of the prepper cultural phenomena is a trite endeavor, but if you delve into the philosophical underpinnings of human instincts for survival, a worthy lesson can be the result. Since life is a gift, the conditions upon which it ends or voluntarily forfeited, are not necessarily dependent upon the will of the individual. A calculated act of placing your life at risk is not equivalent with a deliberate suicide. The functions and purpose of the prepper community is in direct conflict with those individuals that languish in hopeless despair and desperation. The response of the prepper to social turmoil is to prepare for contingencies. Yet that defensive posture avoids the essential question, what is the point of surviving if the communal environment is a hopeless wasteland.

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The 'Dueling Twins'

The 'Dueling Twins' Coming Soon

Immigration Sense and Nonsense 
by James Hall from the Left

Immigration Civil War 

James Hall – ‘The Right’

Read this essay from The 'Dueling Twins' archives


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